7 Best Air Impact Wrench with Reviews

Impact wrenches are very popular today because of their ability to deliver high torque output even when a minimum amount of effort is applied by the user for removing nuts and bolts from machines. The impact wrenches help the user in removing the tightened lug nuts and bolts that they fail to remove with the hand tools. The most popular power source of the impact wrenches is compressed air which is used in an Air impact wrench. There are other sources of power supply too like hydraulic or electric power supply. Using an Air impact wrench has several benefits over the electric or hydraulic impact wrenches like air impact wrenches can be used in wet places without worrying about any accidents or injuries. They even produce more torque than the other impact wrenches. Here is more information on the best air impact wrench that you can buy after learning more about air impact wrenches and reading the reviews of the best products in the market.

Best Air Impact Wrench Best Air Impact Wrench with Reviews Best Air Impact Wrench with Pros and Cons

Air Impact Wrench – What is it Used for?

Air impact wrench is an important tool that is mainly used for unscrewing and screwing screws and bolts. They are known as air impact wrenches because they work when they are connected to the air compressor as the power supply for these wrenches comes from the air compressor. Using an air compressor eliminates the use of electric current for power supply and thus, these wrenches can be used in all places with complete safety.

Air impact wrenches are widely used today in many industries like automotive repair, product assembly, construction purposes, and heavy equipment maintenance. Usually, these wrenches come with clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations with two or more speeds for screwing and unscrewing stubborn nuts and bolts.

How Does an Air Impact Wrench Work?

Impact wrenches work the best when no other tool is working while removing a tight lug nut from a place or the screw head might be stripped in such a way that prevents the tools from getting a good grip. For all such reasons and more, the impact wrenches work effectively by bringing additional grip and force to the tight bolt and nuts and an air impact wrench is even better as it allows the user to use the impact wrench in every weather conditions and wet places as well.

An air impact wrench gets its power supply from compressed air that applies a strong and sudden twisting motion to the nuts or bolts in short bursts and these short and strong bursts of force that is applied to the stubborn nuts and bolts brings about some movement in them, forcing them to loosen or tighten as per the requirement. The air impact wrenches can be used for both assembling and dissembling of the products. It provides the maximum amount of torque which makes it the most popularly used impact wrench and also considered as the best professional impact wrench.

Why Use an Air Impact Wrench?

An air impact wrench is a power tool that can be used anywhere and in all weather conditions without worrying about electricity. The air impact wrench is designed to deliver high torque output with very less labor by the user as it stores the energy in a rotating mass which is accelerated by the air motor and is suddenly delivered with great force to the output shaft to create an impact on the nuts and bolts. The air impact wrench works best in unscrewing tight screws and bolts because of the high torque that it offers, unlike other impact wrenches. It also delivers excellent performance in screwing nuts and bolts with accuracy and increased security.

Benefits of Using an Air Impact Wrench

An air impact wrench comes with a number of benefits that makes it the most popular impact wrench. Purchasing the best bir impact wrench will help you by making your work easier and faster. Once you learn how to use an air impact wrench, you can benefit the most from it in many ways. Here is a list of the benefits offered by an air impact wrench:

Easy loosening and tightening of nuts and bolts: Most of the times, the user is going to come across a nut or bolt that is extremely tight to remove from the machines and using the usual hand tool for loosening the bolts might not serve the purpose. In such cases, an air impact wrench can make the work easier, safer and would also require less effort while removing a really stubborn bolt or nut. These wrenches are powered by compressed air which delivers a huge amount of force on the nuts and bolts for tightening them perfectly in place also. Thus, tightening and loosening the nuts and bolts can be done easily with the air impact wrenches.

Secures heavy items: Using an air impact wrench for securing heavy items improves the fastening process and makes the installation process safer and faster. With the help of these impact wrenches, you can easily fasten big bolts to shelves in garages that would hold heavy items or brackets that could hold bikes and other such things that might be required for supporting great weights. The best air impact wrench delivers huge torque which not only secures the heavy items but also requires lesser efforts on your part and prevents injury as well.

Can be used on cars, lawnmowers and small engines: To replace a tire, the lug nuts need to be fastened tightly to prevent it from getting loose and causing fatal accidents while driving. Using an air impact wrench to tighten the lug nuts will make the work easier, faster and prevent the wheel from falling off while the individual is driving. To secure nuts and bolts on small engines and lawn mowers, an air impact wrench works best. Engines vibrate while they are being used and it is necessary for the nuts and bolts to be tight enough so that they do not come off when in use.

Using an air impact wrench for your projects will make them more reliable and secured. It delivers the power that hand tools cannot deliver for unscrewing or screwing of lug nuts and bolts in machines. With the newest and the best air impact wrench, your projects will be more successful in less time.

Downsides of Using an Air Impact Wrench

To use an air impact wrench you must have a direct connection to some air source or at least have a container of compressed air attached to the tool for making it work. An air impact wrench is useful in removing stubborn nuts and bolts easily with less effort from the user in a very less time. The tool is very powerful but it can be hard to regulate it. The tool works efficiently in removing the tightened or rusted nuts and bolts but removing small pins or other delicate objects with this can be difficult or impossible. If you are looking for an impact wrench that will work on different levels for all sorts of nuts and bolts, an air impact wrench might not be the best choice.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Air Impact Wrench

While a large and rusted bolt can be frustrating to remove, an air impact wrench can make that work easy for you. It will save your time and labor as well as deliver effective results to make your projects successful and more reliable. Here are some of the factors that must be considered before buying an air impact wrench

The size of the air compressor: This is the most important factor that must be considered while buying an air impact wrench because the air compressor is the power source of an impact wrench. If there is a shortage of power due to a small air compressor, even the most expensive tool will not be able to deliver effective results. Make sure that the air compressor of the wrench you purchase suits your requirements. Its air consumption must be monitored and the compressor must provide air at 90 psi which is the minimum amount of pressure required for the wrench to function completely. If the compressor provides more pressure, it is even better.

The size of the drive: The size of the drive must also be considered while buying an air impact wrench. Many buyers assume that the bigger the size of the drive, the better the performance of the wrench. However, that is not always the case as the drive must not be of any size lesser than that of the nuts and bolts the user will be working on. Before buying the impact wrench, take time and study the size of most of the nuts and bolts that you will be working on. Once you figure out the size of the nuts and bolts, you can understand and purchase the drive that fits best for the size of the sockets that you will be working with.

Power required for making the wrench work: Most buyers underestimate the amount of power that the wrench would require to work efficiently. Manufacturers usually recommend 80-140 ft-lbs for these wrenches, while many users also choose to get the maximum working torque and go for an impact wrench with 220 ft-lbs. There are other factors that must be taken into consideration here, like rust and weathering. If the wrench is going to be used for more purposes other than removing lug nuts, you must look for the recommended torque rating and purchase one that suits you the best.

Torque and speed: While using an impact wrench, it’s the speed and the torque that determines the amount of force you can generate to loosen or tighten a bolt. If you have a higher torque value it can certainly help you manage the larger bolts that are stuck. Since these bolts will require a lot more power than small bolts, a wrench having higher torque will be a good idea to use. In case you deal with different types of bolts, a wrench with the facility to adjust the torque will be a better idea. This will allow you to have a better control over your wrench while tightening your bolts and will also help you in checking the amount of air you should use so that you can adjust it according to your requirement. The speed also plays an important part in how fast you can work on your bolts. With an impact wrench with higher speed, you can easily have an advantage while loosening stuck bolts. But normally if you go for higher speed the torque will be lower. So, the best option will be to buy an impact wrench with higher torque value to work faster.

Dimensions and weight: Although weight and dimension of the wrench do not matter a lot, it’s somewhat important as it will define how hard it might be to handle it. You need to understand the fact that you cannot use a wrench that you cannot handle easily. Some might wish to use a light weighted wrench whereas some might feel okay with a heavyweight one. The dimension of a wrench will play a different role though. It determines how easily you can access a bolt stuck in a difficult position. A wrench with a long enough barrel will help you reach those difficult angles whereas a bulky wrench might not be able to do so. The best thing will be to choose a wrench according to your need. This will ensure that you can get your job done with ease.

Noise level: Well, if you think you can get a silent impact wrench, you are going to be disappointed completely. Technically you cannot have a wrench that does not produce any sound at all that is the reason why you need to use an ear protection while using this type of tool. If you really are concerned about the noise the tool is going to produce, you can opt for a wrench that will produce comparatively lower sound, but still, you will have to use the ear protection while working.

Power: Power of an impact wrench plays an important part in choosing the right tool. In case you are looking for a wrench for DIY tasks, 300-500 ft.lbs of power might do alright. But if you are looking for a wrench for professional work, you have to go for power around 700-800 ft.lbs.

Brand: Buying wrenches from reputed brands will always serve the user the best. They strive to deliver the best air impact wrench with an increased durability. Purchasing your tool from a reputed brand will also help you to get air impact wrench reviews from the previous buyers regarding the wrenches provided by the brand. This will make it easier for you to understand which brand to rely on for buying your air impact wrench.

Best Air Impact Wrenches in the Market

To find the best air impact wrench you must do thorough research and follow the air impact wrench reviews that will help you to understand which one will suit the majority of your projects the best. Here is a list of the best air impact wrenches available in the market to choose from.

1. AIRCAT 1150 Killer Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench:

The AirCat 1150 Killer Torque comes with twin hammers that deliver an amazing performance of 1,295 ft-lb for loosening tightened nuts and bolts. It also provides 1,400 blows per minute that makes it the best hard-hitting twin hammer ½ impact wrench in the market today. The tool is light in weight and its beautifully designed black composite body comes with a patented AirCat handle and its patented exhaust system delivers low vibrations and noise of decibel level, 86 dBA only. All the parts of the tool are assembled solely in the USA and have a warranty period of two years for all its parts.


  • Maximum torque of 900 ft-lbs and loosening torque of 1,295 ft-lbs.
  • Great power and performance.
  • 1,400 blows per minute.
  • AirCat patented technology is used to produce extremely low noise at 86 decibels only.
  • Two years parts and labor warranty.


  • Lightweight weighing only 4.63 pounds.
  • Patented quiet technology producing sound at 86 decibels only.
  • No loss of power.


  • The durability of the product has been reported to be less than two years.
  • Removing extremely stubborn lug nuts makes the tool vibrate violently.
  • Can get heavy when used for a long period of tim

2. Ingersoll Rand 2235TiMAX Drive Air Impact Wrench:

This is one of the best air impact wrench in the market which delivers extremely powerful torque and provides up to 1,350 ft-lbs of loosening or nut-busting torque that works perfectly for heavy duty applications. The impact wrench comes with a twin hammer mechanism which adds to the power and durability of the tool. It is light in weight and has a two years warranty.


  • Compact and lightweight, weighs only 4.6 pounds.
  • Delivers a maximum nut-busting torque of 1,350 ft-lb.
  • 4-position power regulator helps in adjusting the torque output.
  • Maximum power and durability provided by the twin hammer mechanism.
  • Titanium hammer case and steel wear plate provide additional durability to the tool.


  • Light-weight and very powerful.
  • Removes the lug nuts easily.
  • Produces very less sound and vibration.
  • Great performance in relatively cheaper price.


  • Users have reported that the reverse on the impact wrench has very low power.
  • Has difficulty in removing very tight lug nuts.

3. Ingersoll Rand 231C Super-Duty Air Impact Wrench:

This is another great air impact wrench that delivers great power and performance to make the projects easier and faster for the user. The tool delivers a maximum torque of 600 ft-lb and comes with adjustable power regulator to adjust the torque output according to your need. Its two-piece construction makes the tool durable and works great with very less maintenance. Designed in an ergonomic way, the tool is ready for use throughout the day.


  • Ergonomic design delivers great power and performance.
  • Delivers a maximum torque of 600 ft-lb.
  • Adjustable power regulator allows the user to control the torque output.
  • Two-piece construction enhances the durability.
  • Already lubricated and ready to use as arrive


  • Works for long hours without fail.
  • Works great in loosening not too tightly screwed nuts and bolts.
  • Adjustable torque regulator works great.


  • The impact wrench can get heavy and strain the arms when used long hours at one go.
  • Does not take off extremely tightened lug nuts effectively.
  • Users have reported that its parts wear out too soon.

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4. Ingersoll Rand 2235QTiMAX 1/2″ Quiet Titanium Air Impact Wrench:

This wrench has got some amazing air impact wrench reviews because of its features that offer 1,300 ft-lb of nut-busting torque. It is light in weight and so it puts less strain on the arms of the user. The tool works with an air compressor and has a 4-position power regulator and a forward/reverse button to allow complete control over the tool. It has a titanium hammer case and a rugged housing which makes the impact wrench tough enough to withstand harsh usage, making it durable and strong.


  • Delivers high nut-busting torque up to 1,300 ft-lb.
  • Works great for heavy-duty applications.
  • Twin hammer mechanism adds to the durability and provides maximum power.
  • Powered by an air compressor.
  • Rugged housing and titanium hammer case makes it durable enough.
  • Comes with a warranty for two years.


  • Compact and lightweight, weighs only 2.49 pounds.
  • Small and very powerful.
  • Relatively quieter than impact wrenches that do not have any sound suppressants.


  • Users have reported of the difficulty in removing stubborn lug nuts with this tool.
  • Users have also reported that the tool was not durable enough.

5. PowRyte 1/2-Inch Air Impact Wrench, 600 ft-lbs, Twin Hammer:

The Air impact wrench offers great performance in tire rotation, exhaust repairing, brake repairing and more. The twin hammer mechanism in the tool provides high torque and durability and comes with an adjustable torque regulator to adjust the torque according to the user’s needs. It also has two forward and one reverse settings for changing directions and controlling it. The built-in silencer that comes with the tool reduces noise level and makes it comfortable to use.


  • The twin hammer mechanism provides durability and high torque output.
  • Forward and reverse settings for adjusting the directions.
  • 2-position adjustable power in forward and full power in reverse for allowing easy change of power.
  • Built-in silencer for reducing noise levels while working with it.
  • Maximum torque of 600 ft-lb and 7000rpm Speed at 90psi.


  • Sturdy and strong.
  • Removes stubborn lug nuts and axle nuts easily.
  • Delivers effective and consistent torque throughout the day.


  • Requires a good amount of air pressure to make the tool work for heavy-duty applications effectively.
  • Users have reported of its parts getting damaged too soon after purchasing.

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6. AIRCAT 1000-TH 1/2-Inch Composite Air Impact Wrench:

The Air impact wrench reviews for this tool speaks of its performance and the satisfaction it has effectively provided its users. This tool comes with innovative internal mechanisms that consist of turbines, air chambers, and high-quality bearing surfaces. The AirCat patented exhaust filter effectively reduces the noise levels while the tool delivers high power and torque. The impact wrench is powerful enough to be used in shops or home applications as it produces 1,300 impacts per minute and delivers a maximum torque of 800 ft-lb.


  • Composite housing makes it durable and strong enough.
  • AirCat patented quiet technology reduces noise levels up to 86 decibels.
  • Handle designed for providing comfort while working with the tool, reduces fatigue.
  • Light-weight and patented exhaust that comes with the handle keeps the dust and debris away from the face of the user.
  • Easy forward and reverse settings for maximum control.


  • Takes off lug nuts easily and fast.
  • Takes off stubborn axle nuts easily in no
  • Great power and torque.


  • It weighs 4.85 pounds which can strain the arms when used for long hours.

7. Campbell Hausfeld TL140200AV:

The tool is lightweight and perfect for use in small projects like lawnmower repairing, brakes repairing, and other general applications. The tool comes with a twin hammer mechanism to enhance its durability and performance. It also delivers up to 550 ft-lbs. of torque and produces less vibration. The tool also has a comfortable grip to gain complete control over it and reduce fatigue.


  • Produces 550 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque that is suitable for DIY projects and general purposes like repairs.
  • 3-speed power regulator allows changing the speed to get the right speed for the lug nuts for various projects.
  • Its sturdy design makes the tool long-lasting.
  • It is light-weight and smooth.
  • The twin hammer mechanism adds to its durabili
  • It has a one- year warranty from Campbell Hausfeld.


  • It is lightweight and weighs only 4.4 lbs.
  • Works perfectly with even small air compressors.
  • Takes the lawnmower blades off and repairs brakes easily in no time.
  • Great performance for small and general applications.


  • The tool is not suitable for heavy-duty applications or commercial usage.
  • Does not have enough power for taking off stubborn lug nuts and bolts.

Maintaining your Air Impact Wrench

To keep the best air impact wrench working smoothly for a long period of time, it is necessary that the tool is maintained properly and regularly. Here are some steps that must be followed for maintaining your air impact wrench:

Prevent using the wrong sockets or bits: It is important to work with the right sockets or bits that go with your air impact wrench. If you use a wrong socket, there is an increase in the chances of breakage and can lead to fatal accidents or injury to the user also.

  • Check the parts on a regular basis: Before you use the impact wrench, you must always check for signs of damaged parts or cracks or anything that might require to be repaired. Do not use the impact wrench without getting the damaged parts repaired before further use. Rely on a qualified and experienced technician for inspection and repairing of your impact wrench.
  • Keep the tool clean: Keep your air impact wrench free from dirt and dust. Keep it covered in a proper place where it will be free from debris or dirt as accumulated dirt can cause jamming in the parts of the impact wrench and damage the tool.
  • Keep it lubricated: The moving parts of the air impact wrench must be lubricated with lubricants that are recommended by the manufacturer. Lubrication is important to allow proper air flow as the compressed air is the source of power in air impact wrenches. With regular testing and maintenance the air flow can be maintained.
  • Avoid applying excessive torque: If the user applies excessive torque, the sockets and the studs can get damaged easily which increases the chances of accidents also. Use only the recommended amount of torque that is required for your projects.
  • Check the tool regularly: Do a regular check on the measurement of the torque output from the air impact wrench. If the impact wrench fails to produce the required amount of torque after turning it both ways, the tool must be repaired by an experienced technician before further use.


After going through the air impact wrench reviews and considering the important factors, you can choose the one that suits the majority of your projects the best and purchase it. The warranty provided by the manufacturer is beneficial as it is a good back up for your tool. Buy a wrench that comes with a longer warranty period if you will not be using the impact wrench frequently and thus, it will take time for you to find out the problems with the tool, if any. Pick the best air impact wrench that fits your budget and your preferences, today.