10 Best Cordless Impact Wrench with Reviews

Introduced by Black and Decker in 1961, cordless impact wrenches were like a revolution. Soon after their introduction, they started dominating the market and the world knew that they are the future. It was mainly because of more comfort and ease of use they provided. Lots of improvements have been made since then, and now we have highly sophisticated designed tools available.

Cordless impact wrench Cordless impact wrench Best Cordless impact wrench Reviews

What is an Impact Wrench?

An impact wrench is basically a socket wrench power tool, designed in the shape of a gun, to produce maximum torque output with minimal exertion on the part of the user. It is used in various industries such as automotive repairs, heavy equipment maintenance, product assembling or the construction industry. The main purpose is to produce heavy pressure at a given point.

Compressed air pressure is used as the main power source for impact wrenches. The cordless versions became popular since 2006 and the advancement in technology has not disappointed any of us! The cordless versions are far more convenient to use. They are light weighing, hence comfortable to handle and work with.

The modifications are being done continuously to get the best results from the product.

What is a Cordless Impact Wrench Used for?

The cordless impact wrenches are being used in various industries nowadays to solve many purposes. However, the main purpose which the impact wrench is to help tighten the loose lug nuts in cars and trucks. Apart from this, they are also used in high torque situations.

You can easily find an impact wrench in the toolkit of every mechanic. It’s like a savior tool for every need. Traditionally it was used as pneumatic powered tools but now the role has changed. However, one thing that has remained constant is the loud characteristic noise which is produced with the wrench. Earlier it was way too much. But now with the introduction of cordless versions, the sound has been significantly reduced but not so much that it can be used without wearing hearing protection.

Since every coin has two sides and we need to accept both. Similarly, the impact wrench no matter how useful it produces this loud whirring sound which has to be accepted. Due measures need to be taken to protect your ears from direct exposure.

How does a Cordless Impact Wrench Work?

The cordless impact wrench uses batteries as a power source. Inside the tool, there is a rotating mass. The motor inside builds up energy using the high powered rotation and then pushes it towards the anvil. This energy creates high powered torque. This makes it a very useful and important tool for the construction and automotive repairs industry when enormous pressure is needed.

Though most of the wrenches work in a similar way, the technological advancements can be easily seen in the latest versions of the cordless impact wrenches. They are much more sophisticated in design and ensure minimum impact on the user. When both of them are used, the cordless impact wrench surely works better in many ways compared to the traditional ones.

How to Use a Cordless Impact Wrench?

If you have an over tightened or loosening nuts, then its time for you to add a smart tool to your toolkit. Cordless impact wrenches are the easiest tool to help in this situation. This tool is better than most of the drill machines or impact drivers available in the market.

Just like any other tool, impact wrenches also demand that they need to be used very carefully. In order to get the best results, it is important to keep in mind the safety measures required to be taken while handling the tool.

Guide for Buying the Top Cordless Impact Wrench:

In order to get the best results from the impact wrench you buy, it is important to choose it wisely. There are a plethora of options available in cordless impact wrenches in the market. It is important to choose one based on your need and area of use.

Points to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Cordless Impact Wrench:

  • The shape of the wrench: The shape of the tool affects the ease of use. The impact wrenches are usually available in in-line and pistol grip styles. While the in-line tool looks more like a large screwdriver, the pistol-grip looks like a handgun. Though the pistol style wrenches are bulkier but offer better grip.
  • Socket size: Different cordless impact wrenches have different socket sizes to serve different purposes. The socket size you choose is determined by the size of bolts you aim to fix. There are impact wrenches with socket sizes varying from a ¼ inch to larger than 2 inches.
  • Comfort: if your job requires long continuous hours of work, then your tool must be comfortable to use. The pistol style cordless impact wrenches provide better comfort and less fatigue for long use. Whereas the in-line is easy to handle and less bulky.
  • Durability- If you want to invest in a product that lasts a long time with you, then opt for the ones which are designed with lesser moving parts inside so that there are fewer chances of wear and tear.
  • The torque generated: regardless of the socket size or the comfort, the most important deciding factor should be the torque produced by the cordless impact wrench and the torque required in the specific job.

A cordless impact wrench saves you both time and energy and is more efficient than any other tool in the work they do. The job is done perfectly fine and in a manner that you will definitely appreciate. While saving efforts and energy, the cordless impact wrench gets your task done.

Product Reviews:

Given below is the list of 10 best cordless impact wrenches we have found in the market that are suitable for any kind of uses and would not disappoint the user in any manner.


This Makita toolkit is a pure blessing for all the carpenters and automobile mechanics. Designed with the best quality material, this Makita cordless impact wrench is known to be the best among all its competitors. The cordless high torque, drive impact wrench with friction ring anvil kit is a perfect set that completes all the requirements at once. The feature of extension of time and speed provided by the breakaway torque ensures speedy completion of the work. It is used and preferred by multiple categories of users from mechanics to the pipe fitters. All these features that increase the power and speed ensure a better tool life.



  • It comes packed in a bag, so easy to carry along.
  • Power selection switch makes it easy to use and control.


  • Big size makes it heavy to hold.


Craftsman cordless impact wrench kit is a one-stop solution for all your mechanical needs.  This 1/2” Impact wrench driver is chosen over the others because of the fact that it allows one to adjust the motor speed according to their use. The handle ensures proper grip of the kit no matter how greasy or how dry the surface is. The 19.2-volt battery is more than enough for all your smallest to biggest tasks. The feature that makes this wrench kit so popular is that the flashlight on the handle ensures a smooth experience for any problems that one faces at night.



  • The feature of LED light ensures overnight usage.
  • Variable motor speed
  • Portability ensures easy usage.


  • Doesn’t come in a bag, becomes tough to carry.
  • At times, LED light needs to be repaired


What could be better than an impact wrench kit which ensures power saving with its two-step power switch? This Hitachi cordless Lithium-Ion Impact wrench is preferred for everything from a small task of driving machine screws to all big tasks that require a lot of power. A metal belt hook has been placed on this wrench kit which ensures that easy stowing.  Add on features like carbon brushes, LED light for overnight usage and 18V Lithium-Ion battery makes this the best cordless impact wrench. The 2 piece motor set ensures tackling of the toughest tasks. It possesses three times battery life in comparison to the traditional batteries that are used in wrench kits.  The warranty offered with this Wrench kit makes it stand out in the crowd of all Wrench kits and hence with the best cordless impact wrench reviews.



  • Despite that fact that it has high volt batteries, it is comparatively lighter in weight.
  • This toolkit comes with a warranty.
  • Comparatively larger battery life
  • LED Flashlight feature enables hassle-free usage


  • Doesn’t have a very strong grip for greasy surface

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This, Milwaukee cordless Lithium-Ion impact Wrench, has been crafted with utmost perfection to ensure a hassle-free mechanical experience. The three-piece set includes high torque impact wrench, compact impact wrench, and cordless LED work light. It possesses twice the runtime as compared to any other impact wrench. The premier quality LED light lasts for a much longer duration than the LED lights which are fitted on the wrench itself.



  • The entire three-piece set comes in a bag which makes it really portable.
  • Intelligence hardware and software to ensure up to the mark performance.
  • Multi-voltage charger


  • Doesn’t come with a warranty.


Long gone are the days, when all the mechanical work was managed either with simple tools or with hands. This ABN Cordless Impact Wrench Kit comes with high speed and power and helps in all kinds of fixings and fittings. It operates on a Samsung battery, which ensures the proper and continuous flow of the current. It comes packed in a plastic molded case and hence is super easy and convenient to carry.  The flexible shape ensures the usage of tight gaps also. The pocket-friendly rate makes this wrench kit best cordless impact wrench kit.



  • Comes in a proper plastic case.
  • Gets charged at a really high speed.
  • Professionally designed.
  • Cordless impact wrench with no load speed.
  • Yearlong warranty


  • Doesn’t come with a LED light for night use


Are you looking for a perfect cordless impact wrench kit? Well, then this one is definitely for you. Designed under proper professional guidance, this Werktough Cordless Impact wrench is one of the best cordless impact wrenches. The superior quality of the rubber handle not only ensures proper grip but also adds to the look of the impact wrench kit. The yellow switch allows the user to easily adjust the speed and pressure according to the requirements. The special feature of tool chuck in this cordless impact wrench makes it different from other toolkits. Positive reversal button is another add-on feature provided in this Werktough cordless impact wrench kit.



  • LED flashlight feature available.
  • 18V Lithium-Ion battery
  • Comes in a molded plastic case


  • No warranty period

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Are you also among those who are looking for high power impact wrench kit for all your tedious tasks? This Cordless Impact Wrench kit by Green works comes with a 24V cordless impact wrench, which serves as a one-stop solution to all your mechanical problems. The comparatively compact design and lightweight design, makes this cordless impact wrench kit the best among all. This cordless impact wrench kit comes with two batteries and a charger, which ensures prolonged usage.  All heavy duty applications can be supported by this cordless impact wrench kit.



  • Comes in a bag, hence easy to carry.
  • High voltage battery maintains efficiency.
  • LED Light ensures overnight usage.
  • Supports heavy duty applications.


  • No warranty period.


The W7 150 1/2 ‘’ 20 V High Torque Impact Wrench is the only cordless wrench that can perform shoulder-to-shoulder with our best in class 2235TiMAX ½’’ air impact tool. Having a lightweight, cordless design, it delivers exceptional torque output. This incredible provides nut-busting torque up to 11,000-foot-pounds and maximum torque of 780 foot-pounds, capable to tackle the most demanding assemb5 and disassembly jobs. This tool is a blessing in disguise since it provides a durable construction with impact resistant housing. Powered by reliable lithium -ion battery, this cordless designed wrench does the job, do it fast and do it every time. The tool punishes tough boots and powers through heavy duty applications such as suspension work and heavy equipment repair. All in all, this tool offers one of the best power- to weight ratio in its class.



  • Every component has undergone rigorous testing to ensure long lasting performance.
  • Ergonomic handle and soft touch over-molded grips provide increased comfort.
  • Durable, designed of steel tined aluminum hammer case.


  • Comes with no warranty


This exceptionally designed driver’s kit provides convenient one-touch 1/4’’ hex chuck for quick bit changes. Equipped with dual LED lights with afterglow illuminates the work area coupled with an ergonomically designed handle having a rubberized soft grip which provides increased comfort. Manufactured from the best raw matter with high-quality steel, this kit provides maximum fastening and driving power. With Extreme Protection Technology (XPT), the XDT111 is engineered to provide increased dust and water resistance in harsh job site conditions. The Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver Kit delivers power and speed in a compact size for a full range of driving and fastening tasks, with a fast-charging 18V Lithium-Ion battery for less downtime. The Star Protection Technology protects against overloading, over discharging and overheating with battery tool.



  • Built-in LEDs illuminates the work area
  • Convenient one-touch 1/4 inch hex chuck for quick bit changes.
  • All metal gear housing for increased job site durability.
  • Packed in a tool case makes it easy to handle.


  • Slippery handle causes difficulty on greasy surfaces.


Impact Wrenches are an important tool for the rugged DIYer. On construction sites, one might need to install lag bolts into the woodwork, or one might remove lug nuts from the automobile. The Ryobi P261 is the perfect impact wrench for these types of heavy duty applications. This tool comes with a notched rubber over-grip to keep a hold of it in slippery conditions. The inbuilt LED lightening makes one work in the dark in less than- optimal lighting. All these features, as well as the fact that this is compatible with Ryobi one+ 18 V Battery System, means that the tool is ready for work almost as soon as it’s out of the box.



  • 3-speed selector offers ultimate control in fastening.
  • Tri-LED lights increase to work area visibility.


  • Comes with no warranty.
  • May need higher capacity Ryobi Battery to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts using an impact socket.

Benefits of Using Cordless Impact Wrench:

  • Easier to handle than traditional impact wrenches
  • Can be carried around easily
  • Less Bulky
  • More refined styles which are durable
  • Can get the work done with more ease


If you are a person working in any industry requiring repairs and fixing of nuts, then cordless impact wrench is a tool that would surely make your life easier. It’s a must-have a tool in your toolkit to help you in many small and big tasks. The tool gives you best results. However, your safety is surely in your own hands and you need to be very careful while using the equipment.

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