9 Best Drill Bit Sharpeners with Reviews

For anyone who needs to work on electrical, mechanical, carpentry and other jobs on a regular basis, having a drill is a must. Whether you are a Beginner or a professional, a drill machine is a necessary tool to get work done in a matter of time. From drilling a hole on the wall, joining two pieces of wood with screws, or installing any electrical fittings, a drill is something that you have to use for convenience. A drill machine uses drill bits to bore holes in the wall or wood which is why the bits become blunt over the period of time. The high friction generated during drilling may cause the drill bits to lose their sharpness and you may not get the desired output. In order to ensure that you can continue using the drill bits, it is essential that you use the best drill bit sharpener that will help keep the bits sharp and ready for drilling.

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Drill Bits and the Need to Sharpen Them

Drill bits are an essential part of a drilling machine. The drill bits helps in cutting, drilling, and fixing of screws efficiently. The drill bits are attached to the drill machine to give them power and enable the machine to make various cuts and drills. It typically works on a rotation at high friction. This sometimes leads to blunted tip and hence, results in uneven drilling work.

A lot of times people question the need to sharpen the drill bits. Anyone who uses the drilling machine with drill bits on a regular basis for industrial or professional purposes cannot comprise an uneven flow of work. Sometimes you may prefer in using multiple drill bits instead of using a drill bit sharpener. However, you must calculate the cost of replacing the drill bits with the cost of buying the best drill bit sharpener. People employed in workshops or industrial work may have numerous shapes and sizes of drill bits and may not want to part away with the important ones or bear the cost of replacing them very often. As such, drill bit sharpeners are a necessity so as to sharpen the drill bits and reuse them. The cost of drill bit sharpener will always be less in comparison to changing the drill bits every time.

What are Drill Bit Sharpeners?

A drill bit sharpener is one of its kind – a specialized tool that helps in sharpening the drill bits and makes them effectively work. When you regularly use drill bits to bore holes in wood, metals, concrete, rubber or plastic, it may tend to become blunt and may not give you the desired result. Due to excessive friction, the drill bits lose their sharp edges and thus affect the performance. It may also hamper the drill machine by putting extra load on it. A drill bit sharpener is one of the best solutions to work efficiently without getting your drilling machine damaged. A sharpener not only helps in sharpening the drill bit but also saves you a lot of money as you do not have to buy new drill bits every time.

Benefits of Using Drill Bit Sharpeners

For those who are a novice, drill bit sharpeners have amazing benefits. Here are the benefits of using best drill bit sharpener:

Extends the life of old drill bits: For the professionals who regularly use drill machines have various drill bits in all shapes and sizes. Throwing away the drill bits once there are blunt is not always the best solution. A drill bit sharpener not only saves money that would otherwise be spent on buying new drill bits but also saves you from losing the premium possessions. The drill bits that become blunt due to excessive friction can become brand new with the help of best drill bit sharpener.

Cost-effective: There are drill bit sharpeners that cost as low as $10 and exceed with the multiple shapes and sizes. If you are not running a professional workshop, then you may not want numerous sizes of drill bits. You can get normal quality best drill bit sharpeners at a very effective price. Moreover, drill bit sharpeners are a very lucrative investment in the long run for people who use the drilling machine extensively.

Sharpening for the novice: If you are an expert toolsman or professional workman, you may know how to sharpen the drill bits using beaches, pieces of stone, or table top. It requires a lot of training, and experience to sharpen the drill bits without using a tool like a drill bit sharpener. However, if you are a novice workman or just using the machine for DIY or household purpose, you may not know the procedure of sharpening the bits manually. In such cases, the drill bit sharpener is the best choice for you.

Multifunctional: Drill bits sharpeners are not only restricted to sharpening the drill bits, but you can use them to sharpen knives, platers, chisels, and other such tools that require sharp edges. The sharpeners are totally worth the investment as they are multifunctional and cost-effective.

Things to Look for Before Buying a Drill Bit Sharpener

When your work involves regular drilling, you must buy a drill bit sharpener along with a drilling machine. A sharpened drill bit not only gives you an even drill but accomplishes more tasks with less effort, thus not damaging the drill machine.

When you are buying a drill bit sharpener, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Compatibility: There are numerous types of drill bits available in the market. You must buy a sharpener that is compatible with drill bits of all shapes and sizes. Always go for multifunctional drill bit sharpeners which will save you money and the hassle of getting the drill bits sharpened from a drill workshop.
  • Construction: The construction of drill bit sharpener must be comfortable and safe. Though the user must be careful while sharpening the drill bits, the built of the sharpener is important as well. The sharpener must eliminate the risk factor and make the sharpening process comfortable and effortless. Moreover, the construction of the sharpener must be such that it can be stored easily without any hassle.
  • Speed and accuracy: The speed, sharpness, and accuracy of a sharpener are very important. It must be extremely good and highly accurate in sharpening the drill bits as per the user’s requirement. The speed of the sharpener must be consistent enough so that it regulates the heat resistance while sharpening. The accuracy depicts the exact sharp edge that the user requires for his drill bit. The sharpener must be able to provide quality result overall.
  • Features: It is important to check the functionality and features of the sharpener before buying. The sharpener must be efficient enough to provide you with better features at the lowest price.
  • Material and durability: The best drill bit sharpener is the one that is built with a highly durable material. If the sharpener is made of poor quality, you may lose your hard earned money along with the drill bit.
  • Brands and warranty: It is worthy to buy well-branded drill bit sharpeners with a better warranty period. Always buy sharpeners from reputed brands that ensure durability and warranty. Always check the drill bit sharpener reviews before buying the drill bit sharpeners. After all, who wants to lose money on a non-branded, poor quality sharpener!

Here are the 9 Best Drill Bit Sharpener in the Market

1. Drill Doctor 750X Drill Bit Sharpener:

Whether you are a professional workman or just a DIY enthusiast, the Drill Doctor 750X has all the solutions to your problems. The product is a money-saving, sharpening tool which has an easy to use the system and makes the task of sharpening drill bits easier. The Drill Doctor is a highly accurate tool that gives you a sharp and perfectly angled cutting edge on the drill bits. A dull drill bit not only results in poor quality work but also damages the drill machine to an extent. However, the Drill Doctor extends the life of your drill bits in three easy steps. The unit is engineered for flexibility and versatility. The unit has the capacity to sharpen a wide range of drill bits in a fraction of seconds. It is professionally designed and constructed to provide adequate durability. This sturdy product is made up of high-speed steel and is perfect to give sharp edges to any cobalt, tin coated, or masonry drill bits. The Drill Doctor 750X has been designed for users who are very particular about the precision of the cuts and bores that they make while they work. It has easy to use a system which makes sharpening a simple job.


  • Capable of sharpening high-speed steel masonry, cobalt or tin coated drill bits.
  • Angle positioning at 115 degrees.
  • Unique back out spill point
  • Works on three easy step
  • Can be used to sharpen 3/32 to ¾ inches of drill bits
  • Professionally designed
  • Good upto 200 sharpening
  • Comes with a rugged cell for easy transportation
  • Equipped with instructional DVD
  • Relies on permanent magnet motor for consistent power


  • Compatible to drill all types of tools that require sharp edges
  • Easy to use the system
  • Best for professional workmanship
  • Flexible and highly durable
  • 3 years warranty
  • Power packed with rugged cell
  • Easy to transport


  • The points are not perpendicular
  • Body made of plastic
  • Not suitable for smaller drill bits
  • Motor gets burned when used at high speed.

2. Drill Doctor DD 350X:

According to the drill bit sharpener reviews, if you are looking for a sturdy drill bit sharpener that can give you sharp-edged drill bits in no time, then Drill Doctor 350X is the one for you. The professionally designed sharpener is not only comfortable to use but also comes with a three-year warranty. The unit is perfect for home users and professional workmen as well. Unlike its counterparts, this Drill Doctor model comes with two easy step uses which make it comfortable to use for a novice also. The unit eliminates the alignment port and simplifies the sharpening procedure. The Drill Doctor is made in Oregon by special engineers who work under one roof to bring one of the best sharpeners to the users. The manufacturers are dedicated to creating quality tools for users and back it with a 24/7 excellent customer support. This new, easy-to-use Drill Doctor model features front-loading chuck and gives a standard sharp-edged drill bit.


  • Best suited for standard drill bits of ½” and 3/32”.
  • Professionally designed
  • Constructed durability
  • Compatible
  • Two-step sharpening
  • Manufactured in Oregon
  • Sharpens high-speed steel, masonry, and carbide drill bits
  • Uses replaceable diamond sharpening wheel


  • Three years warranty
  • Transferable
  • Durable and flexible
  • Compatible with multi-functional utility
  • Eliminates alignment port
  • Two easy step usage
  • Sharpens all the standard sized drill bits


  • May cause uneven cutting
  • Somewhat difficult to use for beginners

3. Drill Bit Sharpener Tormek:

A solution to all needs of a professional workman, the Drill Bit Sharpener Tormek has received some of the best drill bit sharpener reviews due to its multifunctional features. One of its kind, the drill bit sharpener is a four facet sharpener and has remained a leader for the last 40 years. The unit is highly accurate and is compatible with different bits. Tormek is known to be a brand that has produced unique drill bit sharpeners for its users for many years. The sharpeners are multifunctional, advanced, and innovative. This drill bit sharpener sets a standard for the modern age tool sharpening with its incredible features. It is appreciated by most professional workmen like carpenters, woodcarvers, wood turners, and cabinet makers. The product is a favorite among household users, industrial kitchen houses, restaurants, and DIY enthusiasts as well. The Tormek Drill bit sharpener is equipped with a ready to use a toolkit that comprises of one base plate, guide, drill bit holder, magnifier and instruction manual.


  • 4 facet drill sharpener
  • Equipped with DBS 22 attachment
  • Fits drill bits measuring anywhere between 1/8 inch to 7/8 inch
  • Can be set at any angle between 90 and 150 degrees.
  • Optimal clearance angle set at 7, 9, 11, 14 degrees
  • Two cutting edges for perfect unison
  • Highly adjustable
  • Compatible


  • Generates less heat
  • Water-cooled sharpening system
  • Highly adjustable
  • Equipped with an instruction manual
  • Equipped with a compatible toolkit


  • The body is cheap
  • Heat build-up after regular use
  • Complex features

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4. Drill Doctor 500X Drill Bit Sharpener:

The most compatible, portable, and functional drill bit sharpener is here. The Drill Doctor 500X has earned the best drill bit sharpener reviews for easily sharpening a wide range of drill bits. The unit offers simple features and precise alignment. The Drill Doctor 500X is known to make the task of sharpening easier, and faster. The unit saves you a lot of money by sharpening the dull drill bits of all types, shapes, and sizes. Whether you are a home user or a professional worker, you will be amazed at the speed of the Drill Doctor 500X. With this unit, you are saved from the problems of a dull and blunt drill bit forever. The unit functions with three easy to use steps that can be performed easily by a novice user as well. The product is a marvel of superb designing and engineering. The product is highly flexible, adjustable, and versatile. The same chuck can be used to sharpen drill bits of various shapes and sizes. The Drill Doctor has a diamond sharpening wheel that does not require any replacement for a long period of time. With three year warranty, this product stands out as the best drill bit sharpener.


  • Sharpens a wide range of drill bits
  • Variable alignment
  • Faster penetration
  • Perfectly angled cutting edge
  • Highly flexible


  • Three-year warranty
  • Cool design
  • Portable
  • Three easy step use
  • Best suited for professional and house users
  • Equips easy to read instructional guide


  • Gets heated very fast
  • Needs replacement after 200 uses

5. General Tools 825 Drill Grinding Attachment:

If you are worried about the life of your drill machine and drill bit, then the General tools Grinding Attachment is one of the best solutions for your worries. Drilling rigorously over the period in an industrial environment makes the drill bits dull and result in poor performance. If you aren’t satisfied with the performance of your drill bit, then the General Tools Attachment is the solution for you. The angle adjustment alignment of the unit allows the user to sharpen the dull bit with ease and to the perfection. The drill bit grinding attachment is designed with a pivotal neck and grinds from both sides. The grinding attachment is intended to be used with ANSI, OSHA, UL approved surface grinders. The unit is a perfect combination that can be used for both industrial and household purpose. The tool is equipped with an instructional manual to brief you with the running procedure.


  • Sharpens the tools to factory standards
  • The angle alignment is apt for all types of grinding
  • Designed with pivotal neck
  • Grinds from both side
  • Perfect for home use and professional use


  • Portable
  • Value for money
  • Extremely affordable
  • Multiple angle alignment


  • Cheap body
  • The tool gets stuck while grinding

6. Woodstock D4144 Bit Sharpener:

A dull bit is what annoys a workman the most. Whether you are an industrial worker, a professional workman or a serious hobbyist, you cannot go ahead with a blunt drill bit. It will not only give you a hard time at drilling but also spoil the task as well. A dull and blunt drill bit largely hampers the functionality of the drill machine and you may end up wasting a lot of money for the repairs. Woodstock Bit sharpener is an incredible tool that helps in securing and safeguarding the drill bit with a perfectly sharp edge. The drill bit sharpener sharpens the bits with perfect accuracy and speed. If you have a pending work in hand, the Woodstock sharpener will solve all the issues with its high-speed sharpening process.


  • Portable
  • Sharpens from 1/8 inch to ¾ inch drill bits
  • Adjustable alignment for drill point angles
  • Flexible
  • Versatile


  • Compatible with different drill bit sizes
  • Sharpens at different angle alignments
  • Works for both left hand and right-hand users
  • High-speed functioning


  • Aligning the bit is difficult
  • Complex features
  • Costly

7. Grizzly Drill Length Sharpener:

A unique drill length sharpener that grinds and sharpens drill bit is hard to find. The Grizzly Drill Length Sharpener is a unique model designed to sharpen the drill bits and grind them at the same time. This lightweight unit is easily portable and one can carry it to any workplace. The Grizzly Drill Length Sharpener comes with an instructional manual and DVD that gives you a full-fledged, step-by-step training to use this grinder. The alignment metal strip attached to the drill sharpener provides you 100% accuracy to grind and sharpen the drill bits as per your requirement. The manufacturers have backed the product with 24/7 strong customer support for the convenience of the users.


  • Sharpens the bit at 1/8 and ¾ inches
  • Grinds the drill bits
  • Compatible with all types
  • Portable


  • Affordable
  • Grinds and sharpens at the same time
  • Three-year warranty
  • Lightweight


  • Sharpens only the bottom tip
  • Instructions are not adequate for beginners

8. Multi-Sharp 2001 Tool Sharpener:

Who doesn’t want to have a drill bit sharpener that can sharpen the bits to perfection and that too without spending a lot of money? When a drill bit becomes dull, you might throw it away. However, investing in the best drill bit sharpener will not only save you a lot of money but protects your favorite tool by increasing its lifetime. What better can it be then investing in a multifunctional tool sharpener? The MultiSharp 2001 Tool Sharpener is a one-stop solution to all your problems. The sharpener not only gives you sharp edge bits but is compatible to give sharp edges to all the tools lying useless in your workshop. The grinding jig sharpens chisels, knives, laminate cutters, and many such tools. The unit automatically fits into a power drill and gives you accuracy with every use.


  • Multifunctional sharpening
  • Reshapes and re-edges additional tools
  • Fits into a power drill
  • Can be used with an electric drill


  • Affordable
  • One time investment


  • The grinding wheel wears out very fast
  • Difficult to follow instruction manual
  • Complex tool

9. Darex Drill Bit Sharpener:

One of the best drill bit sharpeners in the market is the Darex Drill Bit Sharpener that sharpens the commonest drill bits in three easy steps. The Darex Drill Sharpener is a precise and simple unit which can be used by a hobbyist or a professional workman as well. This professionally designed drill sharpener includes adjustable split-point features and controls for variation. It can sharpen a great number of drill bits every week. Although it might be an expensive tool for a hobbyist, if you are an industrial work and looking for the most convenient sharpener, then this is the best solution that you can find in the market.


  • Includes adjustable split points
  • Recommended for 35 to 40 sharpening per week
  • Cobalt drill bits
  • Optional diamond wheels


  • Sharpens the most common drills
  • 3 easy to use steps
  • Instructional manual
  • Best for professionals and DIYers
  • Precise cutting


  • Not affordable
  • Does not have optimal carbide diamond wheels
  • Heats up very fast

Steps for Using a Drill Bit Sharpener

Each drill sharpener works differently. The best drill bit sharpeners are usually equipped with a user manual that you can follow. Below is the general process that anyone can follow irrespective of what sharpener you are using.

  • Firstly, place the drill bit in the sharpener or holder. Ensure that the bit is placed perfectly and it does not move. Few good machines provide you with angles and alignments that you can use to fit the bit perfectly.
  • Align the machine once the bit is placed. The alignment must suit you comfortably. The basic sharpeners require you to keep holding the bit while the process is undertaken.
  • The alignment also depends on the experience of the user.
  • Before you begin the process, you have to decide how much material you want to grind. This depends on how dull your bit is. It is always better to remove the material little at a time and redo the procedure to attain perfection.
  • Recheck the bit and hold it nicely. Let it sit nicely on the grinding edge. Keep an eye on the gap between the bit and the edge. Too much space will not give you the desired result and tight fit will remove excess material.
  • Run the machine at 10 seconds interval to get the desired result.
  • Check the drill bit sharpener reviews and read the instruction manual to know the exact time the drill machine must run.
  • Stop the sharpener to check with the bit. Repeat the steps if you have not attained the desired result.
  • It is important to become familiarized with the machine before you start working on it. The angles, points, alignment are different for every sharpener.
  • If you have a bench grinder, you can sharpen the bits freehand.

Using a Bench Grinder

With a bench grinder, you can sharpen any drill bit with ease. All you have to do is examine the bit and place it at the right angle. This will help in fitting the bit at a good edge. Now use a small file to clear the grooves. This will help the wood and material to escape without clogging. Many professionals use freehand to operate the bench grinders.

Maintenance and Care for Drill Bit Sharpeners

Using a drill bit sharpener can be tricky if you do not take adequate care and maintain the tool. Here are some tips on how to take care of the sharpening jig:

  • As soon as you are finished sharpening the bit, unplug the tool. Leaving it plugged may heat up the tool.
  • If you find the tool heated, cool it and wipe it dry with a piece of soft cloth.
  • Always keep your hands away from the grinding edge. Inserting your fingers in the drill holes while the power is on may cause you serious harm.
  • If the surface is uneven and the tool wobbles while using, place a piece of rug to smoothen the surface. You can attach adhesive pads to stabilize the tool as well.
  • Always keep the bit in a protected cover. Keep it safe from dust or external debris.


Drill bits tend to lose their sharpness over the period of time. However, you can restore the sharp edges by investing in the best drill bit sharpeners. You may not need to buy a complex machine with numerous features. A simple and easy to operate sharpening jig is more than enough to get your simple bits sharpened. Drill bit sharpeners not only reshape and restore the edges but also give new life to your favorite tools. Simply put, always go through the best drill bit sharpener reviews and manufacturer’s manual before buying a drill bit sharpener.