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Best Everlast Welders Reviews: For anyone working with metals, welding is a very familiar process. It is used to join metal together to form new items. From home construction to automobile manufacturing, welding is necessary everywhere. And to carry out the welding process, one would need a welder. A welder is one of the most commonplace items that you would find with anybody working on metal objects. In fact, welders are considered to be a must-have for metal workers. From joining metals of different types to joining metals of different thickness, size, and quality, welders do it all. Naturally, it is very common for people to look for welders that are of good quality and can very well serve the purpose they are meant for. Over the years, more and more manufacturers have introduced their own products in the market to help ease the work of metal workers. The result is that presently there are hundreds of welder models in the market offered by various manufacturers. While some manufacturers have been a part of this industry for only a few years, others have been there for quite a while. Many of them have earned quite the popularity for their products over the years and continue to offer welders that are amongst the best in the market. One such manufacturer is Everlast.

Best Everlast Welders, Everlast welder reviews

Why Everlast Welders are so Popular?

Everlast is a comparatively new addition to the list of welder manufacturers across the world. The company was established in the year 2004 in Canada and in the initial phases it was only an online seller of generators and welders. However, off-shore manufacturing facilities and the use of branded components made Everlast welders available at lower prices but with assurance of quality. Naturally, the company became quite popular within just a decade and has been a favorite of metal workers across the world. Everlast offers a wide range of welders that can be used for all types of welding works.

The company ensures that the ever-changing needs of the welding industry are well handled by their latest models. They make sure that the welders incorporate the latest and most innovative technologies and each production run is overseen by the company itself to ensure that the products are not only of cutting-edge technology, but quality compliant as well. All these have made Everlast a brand that you can trust.

Why Should you Buy an Everlast Welder?

If you are planning to take up metal working or if you are already one and looking for a good tool for your arsenal, then buying the best everlast welder can surely help you. There are many reasons why Everlast is a brand favorite to many and it can be one of yours as well if you buy one. But before you buy an Everlast welder, here are some advantages that you should know about:

Easy Availability: The first and most important thing that you need to know about Everlast welders is their ease of availability. They are available at most online stores and offline shops as well, making it easy for you to get one when you want to.

Variety of Models: If you visit any online or offline store, you will find a number of Everlast models on display. The reason? Well, Everlast has something for everyone. Whether you are a hobbyist metal worker or a professional one, you are sure to find an Everlast that will be ideal for needs. This makes Everlast such a great brand for all metal workers.

Affordability: Products from Everlast are quite affordable. So, if you are just starting out with metal welding and hone your welding skills, Everlast will be the best buy for you. For those who need a welder to complete their pet projects, Everlast would, indeed, be a great choice.

Features: Another factor that makes Everlast a great choice for newbies as well as pros is the features that the brand offers. In fact, finding an US-based brand that can offer all features that come loaded with an Everlast welder is a difficult task. These features not only make work easier, but also provide better welding results.

Durability:  Who wouldn’t want a welder that would perform well for a pretty long time? Well, everyone would and that’s what makes Everlast a preferred choice amongst all types of welders. All models from Everlast are meant to offer heavy-duty performance without an issue. This means that you do not have to repair your welder quite often or replace it with a new one.

Power Source: Another advantage of buying an Everlast welder is that these models come with both AC/DC power facilities. This means that when you buy an Everlast welder, you needn’t worry about the power source that you would be using the welder with. This gives you versatility and the opportunity to work with any power source or alter power sources while working.

Service Quality:  Everlast not only offers great products, but also offers excellent service. The warranty period on the best everlast welder models is quite admirable and many come with money back policy as well. That apart, Everlast is also known for its same day dispatch, easy return policies, and simple user guides.

Factors to Consider Before you Buy an Everlast Welder

Choosing an Everlast welder for metalworking is indeed a wise decision. But before you buy a new welder for yourself, you have to make sure that you are making an informed decision. This will ensure that you get your work done easily and conveniently without unnecessary expenses. The following points must be considered while choosing the best everlast welder for your work:

Your Requirements:

The first and most important thing that you need to consider before making your choice of the welder is what your requirements are. This will mainly depend on the type of metal that you want to weld, the thickness of the metals to be welded, and the welding process. All these factors will help you determine the welder that would be the perfect fit for your job.

If you are planning to weld only a particular type of metal, then choosing a welder with a specific welding capacity would save you some money. But if you are planning to work on a variety of metals, then you will surely need a welder that can be used on all types of metals. Then comes the thickness of the metals that you are planning to work upon.

Depending on the thickness of the metals that you intend to work upon, the choice of the welder must be made. If you are planning to use the welder for common fixes like repair your car, bikes, trailers, lawnmowers, boats, etc., you will have to handle fairly thin metals. However, if you intend on more heavy-duty welding such as automobile bodies, structural units, etc., you will have quite thick metals to weld. That is why, it very important that you decide how thick would you need your metal parts to be.

The welding process that you want to use is also a determining factor in the choice of your welder. No one process can be termed as the best; it is entirely dependent on what you want to achieve. If you have thick metal parts that need to be welded, stick welders would be a great choice, while for thin metal parts, MIG welders are ideal.

If, however, you want your welders to be versatile so as to be able to carry out all types of welding works, going for a welder that can be used for all types of metal work is ideal. You may have to pay a little more than models with simple features, but it will be totally worth the investment.

Work Environment:

Before you settle down on a particular Everlast welder model, it would be wise to give a thought to the work environment where the welder would be used. This is important because not all welders can be efficiently used in all types of environment. For example, using a MIG welder in areas that are generally windy will result in poor welding. Stick welders would be ideal in such situations.


Before you decide on the best everlast welder for your needs, you will have to take into account the voltage of the current source that you will be using. If you are going to use 110V power sources through and through, you can easily go for a model that supports 110V sources only. However, if you think that you may need to switch between 220V and 110V, you will have to choose a model that supports dual voltage. This will ensure that you can use your welder to the best of its abilities.


Welders are quite heavy, usually in the range of 70 – 100 lbs. This makes them quite heavy to be carried from one place to another quite comfortably. That is why, if you are looking for a welder to carry out common household projects or some pet projects of your own as you may need to move the welder to different places quite often. As such, buying a welder with an inverter will be your best choice. They are comparatively lightweight and are ideal for DIYers and metalwork enthusiasts.


The size of the Everlast model that you are going to choose should also be considered. If you are a DIYer who wants a welder to work on simple household projects, then a small-sized welder with simple features is what you should be looking for. However, you want to be able to accomplish all types of welding tasks, then a standard sized welder would suit your needs the best.


The welder’s performance is also an important factor to consider while choosing the best everlast welder. Not all welders can be used for all types of welding tasks. This is usually determined by their duty cycle, amperage, and output. For small tasks such as fixing household objects or repairing your car, motorcycle, etc., you can easily use welders with low amperage and small duty cycles. However, for heavier industrial-grade tasks, it is essential that your welder can operate for a longer time at a stretch (defined by the duty cycle) and at a high amperage. This is essential to ensure that the first pass is perfect.


Since you are making an investment, you would surely want your money to be safe for atleast a while. That is where warranties come in. The longer the warranty period, the better secured is your investment. And Everlast sure does go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction by providing warranties of 5 years or more on most of its products.

Best Everlast Welders with Reviews

Over the past decade, Everlast has introduced a number of welder models for the benefit of the users. These models have been incorporated with the best features and latest technology to make welding a more efficient and convenient process. Here, we have reviewed some of the best products from Everlast that can be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

1. Everlast PowerTIG 200DV 200AMP PULSE AC/DC Welder:

If you are looking for a feature packed welder at a considerable price, then this welder from Everlast is the perfect product that you should buy. From the arc control to color-coded navigation control, this product includes it all. This welder truly is a great addition to the inverter TIG welder collection. With the facility to operate on dual voltage, built-in inverter technology and dynamic performance, this is a versatile welder that can surely take place in your collection. You get to enjoy a nice arc and the reliable flex cable is good enough to get you going. If you wish to use this welder as a portable one, you will need to use a generator that can generate clean power and has an output of 3500 watts.


  • Reliable performance with the in-built inverter technology
  • Dual voltage operations at 120V or 240V input
  • You can get a maximum AC TIG arc of 20 amps
  • For DC TIG arc, you can have maximum of 5 amp power
  • Comes with post flow and pre flow control for gas protection
  • Lift start for TIG welding
  • Comes with DIG for a better and improved arc performance
  • Controls are color-coded which makes them easy to understand the identify when in need
  • Comes with DC /AC TIG welding option
  • Duty cycle of 60% at 200 amp power output
  • HF start available
  • Arc force can be adjusted to your liking
  • Supports Pulse frequency


  • Highly Portable design
  • Comes with multiple beneficial features
  • Torch is quite big and comes with protective cover
  • Arc control is fantastic for both AC and DC
  • Smooth arc
  • Controls are easy to identify, read and use


  • No option to store settings or program them

2. Everlast PowerMTS 251Si Pulse MIG TIG Stick Multi Process Welder:

In case you are looking to buy a versatile multi-process welder, then Everlast PowerMTS 251Si is the equipment that you must be looking for. This welder comes with features like STICK, TIG and MIG welding. You can even have the benefits of Pulse MIG and Pulse TIG and that should suffice your requirement as a top welder. According to the everlast welder reviews, this welder is truly versatile in nature, as it offers you a better control and display facilities. And if you consider the touchless start and navigational hotkeys, you can certainly put it to the top of your favorite welder list. This welder comes with a foot pedal as well, which makes it a lot easier for you to control and work safely as well. Although this welder might feel like a bit costly compared to the other models, but if you take into account the versatility of this welder and the functional abilities, this welder is surely worth the price.


  • Comes with inbuilt IGBT Inverter construction
  • MIG, TIG and STICK welding ready
  • You can adjust the STICK / MIG arc Force
  • Comes with optional Pulse TIG and Pulse MIG welding
  • You can run it on either 120V or on 240V power supply
  • Lift and HF start for the TIG Mode
  • High quality and fast MIG Gun
  • 9 in-built programs to increase efficiency and save time
  • 35% Duty Cycle
  • Comes with TIG, MIG torch and a standard electrode holder along with a work clamp
  • Foot pedal for better control
  • Easy to read display and navigation control
  • Argon Regulator


  • Compact design and multi-functional
  • Foot Pedal for TIG welding
  • 9 programs to save energy and time
  • Easy to read display


  • A lot expensive compared to the other similar models
  • At 80 lbs of weight, this might feel like a bit weighty

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3. Everlast Powermig 200 200amp MIG Stick Welder:

This one is really one of the powerful of the welders that Everlast ever produced. Measured with an output of 200 amp, this MIG / STICK welder is certainly the best welder that you can wish for. And when you think about the advanced design with a lower weight, this can certainly be the best that you should get fir your work.

This welder comes with a really easy to read display, an analog knob to control the functions, and comes with the MIG welding option that can be really good if you have some serious welding to do.

The DC arc control is really easy to handle and can be the reason why you should buy this welder. The design and build of this welder makes it a lot easier to carry anywhere you want and that makes it a lot more durable compared to other welders as well. Being a top commercial welder, this product is truly affordable and can be a good value for the money that you pay.


  • Digital Inverter design welder with low spatter and stable arc
  • You can control the arc force for both STICK and MIG welding
  • STICK welding functionality works fine and is capable of delivering high performance where MIG welding is not possible
  • Comes with Euro Style connector, burn control, Automatic Postflow and Perflow
  • Comes with additional CO2 regulator
  • Cable with work clamp
  • 200 amp of maximum power output
  • Easy to read Digital display


  • Compact and Portable Design
  • STICK and MIG welding at its best
  • Affordable compared to other models
  • 5 years of Warranty
  • Controlled arc feature provides easy to handle welding experience


  • The spool might be a bit sloppy
  • All the adjustments knobs are analog

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4. Everlast SuperUltra Multi Process Welder Dual Voltage:

If you are looking for a welder that can help you in stainless steel and steel welding, then this is the perfect choice that you can make. It can be used as a plasma cutter and welder at home. You get to enjoy a maximum of 200 amps of power for TIG welding, 160 amps of power for STICK welding and 50 amps of power for plasma cutter.

This is a budget welder that can offer you diverse output with a digital control. This is truly one of the best reliable units that you can buy. It’s a utility welder too, that can be used by both the professionals and the hobbyists, especially if you are looking for a cutter cum welder in a single machine.


  • Inverter technology with highly portable design
  • Lightweight of this product adds to the portability of the welder
  • Comes with DC TIG that allows you to get fine arc on Chrome Moly, Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Perfect combo of TIG, STICK and PLUSMA cutter
  • Comes with pilot arc functionality
  • Can be operated on dual voltage: 110V / 220V
  • For TIG, PLASMA cutter and STICK welding, this welder provides a 60 % duty cycle
  • Automatic arc force control adds to the amazing features of this welder


  • Portable design
  • Easy to get going
  • Features are simple and versatile
  • Torch change is easy and quick
  • According to everlast welder reviews perfect for home jobs


  • Warranty only 1 year

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5. EVERLAST PowerARC TIG Stick Welder Dual Voltage:

If you are looking for a DC TIG welder to learn aluminum and steel welding, then this portable welder from Everlast is the best that you can get. According to everlast welder reviews, this welder requires some level of experience to get going; this is not really a welder for beginners. With the additional regulatory settings for both STICK and TIG welding mode, this welder eliminates all the risks of learning it wrong. For daily repair work, you can certainly choose to use this welder.

This welder has a power control that can help you vary the power according to your need. It does not have pre-programmed settings, instead of that it comes with fine tuning capabilities that enables you to get the perfect TIG arc while welding. The in-built inverter technology ensures that you get a stable, adaptive arc force.


  • Portable and lightweight in design
  • 35% duty cycle at an output of 160 amp
  • Comes with hot start facility
  • Comes with inverter technology that promises stable arc
  • Supports STICK and TIG welding
  • 5 years warranty on labor and parts
  • Can be operated on dual voltage: 220V and 110V
  • In-built analog inverter
  • Includes TIG foot pedal for better arc control
  • Comes with additional Gas Flow Control
  • Lift start for TIG arc
  • HF start available


  • Portable in design
  • Exceptionally Lightweight
  • Digital display for accurate measures and easy reading
  • Energy efficient
  • Smooth, reliable arc with flow regulators
  • Hot start and auto-arc control


  • The hose and stinger is bit of low quality

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6. EVERLAST PowerARC Lift Start TIG / Stick Welder Dual Voltage:

This particular welder can be termed as a beginner’s welder. This TIG cum STICK welder can be a good start if you are just starting your career as a professional welder. If you wish to buy a new welder that can help you improve skills and provide you with high power, then this is the perfect welder for you. This welder comes with an additional energy-saving technology which can save maximum 35% of your energy consumption. The TIG settings is perfect for welding stainless steel and steel and if you consider the low arc DC, you can surely truest this welder to be your first choice.

Apart from having a nice plastic carry case, it is quite light weighted too. The plastic case is quite durable in nature as well. In case you are a beginner in this welding field, this welder machine is the best that you can get. Although the TIG arc will take some time for you to adjust, it is still the best quality welder that you can get at an affordable price.


  • TIG arc settings for stainless steel welding
  • It can operate in dual voltage of 120 V and 240 V, but you can get a maximum of 85 amp of output when operated in 120V
  • Power consumption is quite low
  • Maintains industry standard duty cycle of 35%
  • Digital display for better readability and settings
  • Stable and Smooth TIG arc


  • Outer casing is quite durable
  • Lightweight and compact design makes this welder portable
  • Comes with STICK and TIG welding facility
  • As per the everlast welder reviews its affordable compared to other welders
  • Warranty is good enough for the price that you pay


  • TIG arc might take some time for you to get used to

7. Everlast PowerTIG AC/DC TIG Stick Welder Inverter-based Dual Voltage:

This is another AC / DC Stick and TIG welder from Everlast. This welder has an improved power output of 185 amps. And it also has a facility to use STICK or TIG welding to match your welding requirements. This welder is quite small in build and has a compact design that makes it easy to move around. It comes with a low DC TIG arc, so you will need some time to get used to it.

Although, most of the users would like to have a foot pedal for the TIG welding, but this one does not have any. But you can actually buy the pedal separately but that will cost you a lot. This particular model is also one of those affordable models that you can buy at the very beginning. And when you add to the fact that it comes with a warranty of 5 years on parts and device, this welder can surely be at the top of your list.


  • Lightweight and compact build, makes this welder a portable one
  • Comes with a duty cycle of 35% and 185 amp of power when run on 220V
  • You can maximum get 105 amp of power output if you run it on 110V of power supply
  • 5 years of warranty on labor and parts
  • Small in build and lightweight
  • Maximum 20 amp of DC arc for TIG welding
  • Smallest inverter welder in its category
  • You can use a generator to power it up while using it outside of the home
  • According to everlast welder reviews it’s easy to install and easy to set up


  • STICK AND TIG welding facility available
  • 185 amps of power output which is really impressive
  • Lightweight, small and compact in build
  • Affordable compared to other welders in its category
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty


  • No foot pedal for TIG welding
  • Will take some time to get used to the DC arc


Everlast has indeed made a place for itself in the industry and if you are on the lookout for a brand new welder with useful features and great performance, you are sure to find Everlast to be the best fit. Just make sure that you are making an informed decision and you are sure to enjoy the benefits of owning an Everlast welder.

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