10 Best Welding Helmets Reviews With Pros & Cons


The covers or headgears that we use to prevent ultraviolet rays, flash burns, and welding infrared rays from reaching our face, neck, and eyes are known as welding helmets. Welding helmets are used in welding workshops where there is a constant exposure to the harmful rays coming from the welding points. These rays can cause severe damage to various body parts like the retina of the eye or the skin of the person. These helmets are used in arc welding places where arc welding activities like gas tungsten, gas metal or shielded metal arc welding take place.

auto darkening welding helmets best welding helmets cheap welding helmets welding helmet price jackson welding helmets custom welding helmet lincoln welding helmetsTypes of  Welding Helmet that you can Choose from

Welding Helmets are designed to protect the head of the user from the harmful radiations. There are different types of welding helmets available in the market today, like fixed shade, auto-darkening, passive, variable shade etc. There are a number of options you can choose from, according to your preferences.

The Welding Helmets come with lenses of various shades and the shades vary depending upon their ability to darken the vision of the user.

High Shade Lens and Low Shade Lens:

In high-amp welding projects, high shades are necessary to protect the eyes. Choosing a low shade lens for high-amp application will affect the visibility of the user while choosing a high shade lens for low-amp welding project will affect the eyes again.

Passive Lens:

The Welding Helmets with passive lens have a fixed shade which is dark-tinted and is covered with UV coating and IR. This type of Welding Helmets are a good choice for the welders. Due to the dark-tinted lens, the welders need to flip the helmet up and down between their works which can be irritating.

Auto-Darkening Helmets:

These Welding Helmets have lens shades that get increased when it senses the welding arc and provides protection from the rays immediately. These helmets do not require up and down flipping in between the job. They also come in two types- Fixed and variable. Fixed auto-darkening helmets have the ability to darken the shade of the lens to a fixed limit while in variable auto-darkening helmets, the shade of the lens gets darkened depending upon the welding arc intensity.

Solar Powered or Battery Powered Helmets:

You get to choose among solar powered or battery powered helmets also, depending upon your preference. You can go for battery-operated helmets which would require you to change the batteries every now and then or choose solar-powered helmets that will offer the convenience of not worrying about changing batteries at all.

Why is it Important to Buy the Best Welding Helmet?

It is important to have a welding helmet that offers safety and is comfortable to wear and use. A good welding helmet will always protect the eyes and skin from sparks and help save your vision from getting damaged by the ultraviolet rays emitted by the arc. Welding helmets are available in the market in a wide range of colors and graphics. The visual features might look impressive but, the protective features offered by the welding helmets are what a welder should focus on.

The best welding helmet will not only offer great comfort when it is being used, but will also have protective features. Such a combination makes the work easier for the welders and also keeps them protected from the radiations emitted by the arc, allowing them to work for longer on their projects without getting affected by the rays from the welding arc. Thus, it is important to buy the best welding helmet because it will be easy to wear, comfortable and adjustable. It will also protect the eyes and the face from the rays and sparks.

Things that you Need to Consider Before Buying a Welding Helmet

Safety, comfort, convenience, and style are some of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind before buying a welding helmet. Such general considerations can be helpful for choosing the right helmet that will meet their needs of the welders as well as provide enough comfort for daily use.

For Auto-Darkening Helmets you need to Consider the Things as mentioned below:

Fixed or Variable Shade:

Fixed auto-darkening shades darken the shades to #10 shade, which is fixed. This type of shade will be useful and will provide the right protection if you have the same type of welding projects that involve the same type of material thickness and the similar welding process along with a limited amperage. If the welding process varies or the brightness of the welding arc varies then, the variable shade lens will give you the protection and provide a comfortable view of through it.

The Reaction Time of the Lens:

The lens switches from its usual shade to a darker shade on sensing the light from the welding arc. The quicker the reaction time of the lens, the better it is for the welder’s eyes. The more arcs you weld in a day, the more you will appreciate the quicker speed of the lens. Faster switching speed reduces the risk of getting affected by the increased exposure to the harmful rays from the arc.

Adjustable Sensitivity Control:

This control allows the user to adjust the level of brightness according to the welding environment. This sensitivity control is useful when welding at low amperage is done, because then the arc isn’t as bright as other welding processes.

Adjustable Delay Control:

The delay control helps you to set a time for the lens to stay dark even after the welding process stops. A shorter delay helps you to get the job done faster and gives you some time before you can start with another one. Larger delays will help you when welding at high amperage because such welding processes take time to cool off and will emit harmful rays until then.

The Number of Sensors:

More sensors give you better coverage and are ideal for out-of-positioned welding where the sensors could be obstructed. The number of sensors used in a helmet can range from two to four. Three sensors for a helmet is enough when the work has a clear line of sight while four sensors are the best for out-of-positioned works.

Size of View:

Usually the view sizes range from 6 sq. in. to 9 sq. in which can be used for a lighter application to industrial use, respectively. The view size of the helmet is one of the important considerations when you purchase an auto-darkening helmet. It also depends upon how much out-of-positioned work you will be doing.

Considerations for other Helmets:

If the helmet is light-weight then it is better as it allows the user to wear it and work for a longer period of time without straining his neck. There are other important features added to the helmets nowadays like the use of aluminum heat shield which protects the lens from heat emitted by the welding arcs and silver coating that helps to reflect the heat away and prevents it from reaching the welder. Other considerations like the durability of the helmet and shock absorption technology used in it can be considered according to the user’s preferences.

10 Best Welding Helmets Reviews

1. Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet:

Antara AH6-260 Welding Helmet is an extremely versatile helmet. The product is exceptionally responsive to the TIG, MIG, MMA, and Plasma applications. The Antara AH6-260 is a lightweight helmet and is made of high impact polyamide nylon which makes it extremely durable. The helmet can be best used for grinding, welding, and cutting applications. This new age welding helmet is featured with automatic on/off power button. The helmet features adjustable sensitivity knob with a step-less delay that allows the user to control and set the time of the lens to remain dark even after the welding process ends. The larger the delay, the better is the protectivity from the rays coming from high amperage.

The Antara AH6-260 is a solar power-driven, auto-darkening welding helmet with variable shade range that gives you a comfortable viewing after the welding process stops. It gives you a clear line of viewing and emits the high heat while working.  The helmet is equipped with a large magnifying lens to provide better viewing to the user. The faster switching keys reduce the risk of getting affected by the exposure to harmful rays.

Overall, the Antara AH6-260 series meets the quality and safety standards. The product is a perfect upgradation for safety goggles and fixed shade glass welding helmet for a comparatively lesser price.


  • Best for Plasma Applications with grinding features and TIG MIG MMA.
  • Has magnifying lens.
  • 86”x 1.73” Viewing size with 4 sensors.
  • Adjustable sensitivity knob with step-less delay.
  • Variable shade 4/5-9/9-13 covers most of the plasma cutting or welding processes.


  • Auto-darkening helmet.
  • Weighs 1 pound which makes it a light-weighted helmet.


  • Battery-powered helmet which needs to be changed from time to time.
  • Durability is not long enough.

2. Lincoln Electric – 3350 series Welding helmet:

The Lincoln welding helmet 3350 series is an auto-darkening welding helmet. Available in black color, the helmet is made out of durable plastic material. The Lincoln welding helmet is highly versatile and allows the user to carry on with cutting, welding, and grinding applications. The helmet is equipped with several electromagnetic sensors that give you a clear line of sight while welding.

The solar power operated Lincoln welding helmet saves the user from charging the batteries again and again. With easy to use controls, the helmet is one of the best buys among the other competitive helmets available in the market. Though the helmet is slightly heavy, the adjustable straps make the gear comfortable and a perfect fit. The Lincoln helmet has all the typical qualities that you may look for in a perfect headgear while welding. With optical clarity, widescreen view and ADF control knobs, you will not find any better welding helmet to process your work.


  • Have 4 arc sensors.
  • Solar-powered and charging speed is 1/25,000 sec.
  • 74” x 3.34” viewing size.
  • Uses solar cells lens shade of #5 to #13.
  • Auto-darkening is done by the 741 electromagnetic sensors.


  • The helmet is solar-powered which does not require the user to change batteries from time to time.
  • Provides a clear view in active or inactive state.


  • The helmet weighs 3.2 pounds which is quite heavy and will strain the neck when constantly used for a long time.

3. Jackson Safety BH3 Welding Helmet:

When you are ready to weld, you must be equipped with the right safety equipment. Jackson Safety BH3 welding helmet is one of the best safety welding tools offered by Jackson Safety and Wilson Brand. The lightweight Jackson welding helmet is made out of high-density plastic that protects the user from spatters and sparks. The front cover plate saves your face and neck from the heat build-up, reflections and fogging. The auto-darkening lens provides optical clarity and angular dependence so that the user can clearly view from different angles.

The Jackson welding helmet features variable shade range to protect the eyes of the wearer from high amperage and radiant lights while working on the welding process. The helmet is also equipped with delayed settings for adaptability in different environments and task timings.  The Jackson Safety helmet is manufactured by considering the safety measures that a welder must possess during the welding process. With the best in class features, Jackson Welding helmet has set high standards for the welding performance.


  • Has variable shade which ranges from 9 to 13.
  • Equipped with delay and sensitivity features adjustable for different works.
  • The high-density plastic shell guards the wearer’s neck, eyes, and ears from sparks.
  • Offers reduced heat build-up and fogging.
  • Compatible with magnification filters and comes with three headgear adjustments to suit every welder.


  • Provides the best optical clarity, diffusion of light and angular dependence.
  • The helmet is lightweight and weighs only 2.1 pounds.


  • The helmet is suitable for welding but not much for grinding or cutting.
  • The helmet is quite expensive. 

4. Tacklife PAH03D Pro Welding Helmet :

Safety measures and optical clarity are the most important features that you look for in a welding helmet. Tacklife PAH03D series is an exceptionally high-class welding helmet that fulfills all the requirements of a safety welding helmet. The Tacklife welding helmet is best suited for plasma cutting and TIG MIG MMA application with grinding features. In addition to its versatile applications, this headgear has set high standards in terms of optical clarity as well.

Equipped with premium sensors, the helmet provides great ventilation and bright viewing while carrying out the welding process. The helmet is lightweight as it is made out of high impact PA material. The product is specially designed to provide adequate support to the wearer’s head and reduce fatigue in the head and neck. What makes the Tacklife welding helmet exceptional is its capacity to reduce the eye strain and provide UV/IR protection, which is not a common feature in most of the welding helmets available in the market.


  • 1/1/1/1 optical class for best protection.
  • 94”x 2.87” viewing area with 4 sensors.
  • A wide range of shades which covers plasma cutting processes along with common welding.
  • Offers step-less delay and sensitivity knob adjustability.


  • The helmet is corrosion resistant and flame resistant.
  • It is lightweight and weighs only 14.1 ounces.
  • Durable and eco-friendly.


  • Lacks professional electronics which makes it good for the hobbyists mostly.
  • Flipping it up and down can be annoying in the middle of work. 

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5. 3M Personal Protective Equipment 9100 Speedglas Welding Helmet:

The Speedglas Welding helmet is a fantastic product that welders can buy. If you are looking for a welding helmet with an extra-large size and auto-darkening filter, then the Speedglas welding helmet can be your best buy. The out-and-out product is equipped with grinding features and best suited for Plasma application and TIG MIG MMA. With high-class features, the welding helmet is way cheaper than its counterparts available in the market today.

The welding helmet protects you from the high rays, spatters, and sparks that take place during the welding process. The helmet is extremely lightweight and the head straps offer you better head suspension with comfortable wear. The face cover on the helmet saves you from the high amperage while undertaking the welding process. If you are looking for a helmet with optical clarity, high performing sensors, and variable shades, then there is no better product at this less a price.


  • Has an auto-darkening filter transition.
  • Provides protection from IR and UV rays.
  • A clear optical view is offered by the helmet.
  • Head suspensions offer comfortable wearing and fit the wearer perfectly.
  • Offers variable shades from 5 to 13.


  • The product is lightweight and weighs 1.42 pounds.
  • Detects the welding arc in 1 milliseconds and light to darker shade is achieved immediately.


  • The product is a bit expensive. 

6. Jackson Safety 46131 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet:

True to its name, Jackson Safety 46131 series is an impeccable welding helmet with outstanding safety features. Considering safety is the top priority when carrying out welding tasks, you can provide your employees with the Jackson safety helmet. The product has smart fitters that enable the users to work in the different environment and irregular timings. The helmet is an ideal safety headgear equipped with sensitivity and delay adjustments. The four premium sensors and easy-to-use controls make the helmet highly efficient.

With Jackson safety 46131 you get high-grade components and super performing lenses at an affordable price. The helmet is equipped with auto-darkening mode and gives you great optical clarity even after the work is over. The welding helmet is perfect for industrial uses and serious hobbyists as well. The Jackson 46131 series is a highly versatile headgear with multi-functional controls at the best possible price.


  • Offers variable shades from 9-13.
  • A large viewing area of 3.93”x 2.36” and 4 sensors.
  • Allows easy grinding along with common welding.
  • The auto-darkening filter allows the user to adapt to various welding environments.


  • The lens and auto-dimming controls of the helmet are impressive.
  • Best for light industrial use and comes with easy controls.


  • Could strain the neck when it is worn for a long time as it weighs around 2 pounds.
  • The plastic material used for the helmet is flimsy. 


Miller Electric welding helmet is equipped with auto darkening feature that allows distinctive clarity even after the welding process ends. When you are welding, you need a safety headgear to protect your face and neck from the high radiation rays and heat. The Miler electric welding headgear is true to its objective and provides great safety measures by protecting the welder from UV rays and high heat involved during welding.

The product has variable shades which provide better optical clarity and protection to your eyes. It gives you a clear line of viewing and emits the high heat while working.  The helmet is equipped with a large magnifying lens to provide better viewing to the user. The faster switching keys reduce the risk of getting affected by the exposure to harmful rays. Though the helmet is slightly on the heavier side weighing almost 2 pounds, it provides great support on the neck and head with the adjustable straps. If you are looking for an inexpensive headgear with all the safety measures, then Miler Electric welding helmet can be a great buy.


  • Offers variable lens shades of 3, 5-8, 8-13.
  • Provides with a wide viewing area of 9 sq. Inches.
  • Comes with two lithium-ion batteries.


  • Fits great on a hard hat.
  • Has grinder/cut mode which is great.


  • Not very good clarity unless the workplace has good lighting.
  • Can put strain on the neck and shoulder after wearing it for a long time as it weighs 2.8 pounds. 

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8. Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet ADF-206S:

The Tanox welding helmet is an auto-darkening, solar-powered welding helmet with outstanding features. The Tanox welding helmet is a top of the line welding helmet which fulfills all the requirements of a professional welder. The welding helmet is best suited to carry out Plasma cutting, TIG MIG, MMA, Arc, and DIY welding process. Tanox welding helmet offers complete eye safety by protecting the welder from harmful UV and IR radiations. The helmet is equipped with a large viewing area and allows the welder to view from different angles. What makes the helmet stand out among the other counterparts is the low battery warning light. The situation is rare as the helmet is equipped with solar cells and lithium batteries with 2 years of lifespan.

The welding helmet is an upgrade of goggles and safety glasses that you wear during the welding process. For a special bonus, you also get an extra set of lens and top quality welding gloves to fit all most hands. The product impresses its buyers with its features and ensures satisfaction guarantee.


  • Offers 3.86” x 1.73” viewing size.
  • Fast response time with an adjustable range of 4-9/9-13.
  • Protects against UV and IR radiations.
  • Best for professional welding, plasma projects, Tig, Mig or MMA.
  • Includes solar cells and a lithium battery which has a 2 years lifespan.


  • The product is highly functional and easy to use.
  • A fast response time of 1/25000 second to change from light to dark is impressive.


  • Could strain the neck when used for a long time as it weighs 2 pounds.
  • Hood is not best for heavy use.

 9. Jackson Safety (46101) Welding Helmet:

The funky looking safety welding helmet is the right product to offer to your employees to work efficiently and persistently. The Jackson Safety Insight welding helmet is an auto-darkening helmet that does just what a welding helmet is required to perform. The helmet is highly versatile and allows you to choose from welding and grinding modes. The headgear has variable shades and offers adjustment to sensitive ambient lighting sources. The Jackson safety insight model gives you a wide viewing area that allows the employees to see everything with optical clarity while working on the welding process.

The helmet has easy to use digital controls and independent sensors so that the welder can work effectively. The helmet is compliance to the safety standards and protects your eyes from the harmful UV and IR radiant while working under high amperage. If you want your employees to perform the task right without worrying about the safety measures, then there is no better welding helmet than Jackson Safety 46101. This model is a comfortable headgear that allows you to weld without straining your neck and head. The adjustable straps on the helmet fit well on your head and keep you working smoothly.


  • Quality shade range from 9-13, comes with a viewing size of 3.93” x 2.36”.
  • Has sensitivity and delay adjustment controls with 4 sensors.
  • The auto-darkening filters helps in adapting to various welding environments.
  • Compatible with HLX100 and HSL 100 shells.


  • Instant lens darkening ability is impressive.
  • Comfortable with cool graphics.


  • Weighs about 2 pounds which could be heavy when used for too long at one go.
  • The forehead strap of the helmet is very thin which does not make it suitable for heavy welding works.

10. Esab Sentinel A50 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet:

With revolutionary shell design and impeccable features, the Esab Sentinal welding helmet can be a great choice for the welders. The headgear is made of high impact nylon material that is both heat resistant and durable. The ergonomic design, this 5 point headgear provides extra support to your neck and head, allowing you to work smoothly without strain. The Esab welding helmet supports 3-way grinding mode and has a collared touch screen that allows you to change the modes as and when desired.

The helmet has high TIG ratings that make it versatile and suitable for long working hours. The amber colored welding helmet has auto-darkening features and variable shades that offer you optical clarity even when at high amperage. The helmet is equipped with a large magnifying lens to provide better viewing to the user. The faster switching keys reduce the risk of getting affected by the exposure to harmful rays. This new age welding helmet helps you in carrying out the welding process smoothly and efficiently without worrying about the safety issues.


  • Amazing shell design with high resistance nylon.
  • Adjustable 5 point headgear provides balance.
  • A wide viewing area of 3.93” x 2.36”.
  • Offers shade 3 grind mode which can be externally activated with the grind button.


  • Offers optimal clarity.
  • Tough and durable.


  • Not lightweight as it weighs around 4 pounds and not suitable for constant wearing.
  • The product is pretty expensive compared to most other auto-darkening helmets.

Caring and Maintaining your Welding Helmet

To care for your welding helmet here are few steps that you can follow:

Step 1: Start with the lens. You will notice that the lenses get clogged with particles from the welding activities or get dirty pretty easily. Use a soft brush and dust off the particles from the lens and clean it with water or lens solution and dry it. Clean the lens in a delicate manner always.

Step 2: Check all the parts of the helmets properly and see if there are any parts that are not working properly and needs to be replaced. Replace such parts immediately otherwise defected parts can cause harm to you when used in that state.

Step 3: Check the helmet and the lens for any dents or cracks. Cracks in the lens can be very risky and can break when exposed to heat from the welding activities. Loose screws must also be tightened or replaced after checking all the screws of the helmet.

Step 4: Store the helmet in a proper place because the spot for storage adds to the lifespan of the helmet. A solid, covered and stable area is the right place for storing your helmet. Take care of the lens and make sure you place the helmet in such a way that the lenses are protected. Avoid keeping the helmet in a place where the temperature is very humid.


The market today has a wide range of welding helmets of different price range and advanced features. With the best welding helmets mentioned above, it should be easier for you to choose the right welding helmet for your work.

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