10 Best Welding Jackets with Reviews

Welding is a part and parcel of almost all metal works. And if you are a metal worker, it is obvious that you have to weld joints every now and then. You may be a professional metal worker, a passionate DIYer or just a hobbyist, but you just cannot work with metals without welding. And as you know, irrespective of the welding process that you use, sparks, splatters and heat are produced while you weld. Though these can be minimized if you use the right welding technique and accessories, yet there is no denying the fact that things can go out of hand anytime. And when that happens, the heat and sparks produced might cause injuries, which can even get serious. That is why, if you are into welding or are planning to start with welding, you not only need to buy the best welder suitable for the job, you will also need to buy protective gears for yourself that will be able to protect you from any heat or sparks that may be produced. This way, you will not be saved from injuries, but will also be able to focus more on the welding process. Such gears generally include protective glasses or face shields, thick gloves, good quality welding jackets, etc. Though all of these are essential if you want to keep yourself safe from all sorts of injuries, a welding jacket is the most important protective gear that you need.

Why do you Need a Welding Jacket?

If you aren’t sure why a welding jacket is a must buy for any welder, then continue reading further. Here you will be able to know why you need specially designed jackets while welding and not just any odd jacket that you may have.

Personal safetyWhether you have to weld all day long or rather occasionally, sparks and splatter are bound to fly about while you weld. But what if some of it gets directed your way? What do you do then? Just duck or dive so that you do not get injured? What happens to the joint that you were welding? Without your supervision, it may take an ugly shape. Even though it’s just a matter of a few seconds, the joint may become weak or worse, the work piece may get damaged. In order to ensure that you do not have to move away in case of a random spark or splatter coming your way, it is best to wear a welding jacket. The reason why you cannot wear just about any jacket is because they are not meant for the purpose and will not be able to offer you the protection that you need. Welding jackets are specially made to shield against common welding splatters, sparks, and heat.

Law: Though wearing a welding jacket while welding at your backyard or garage is still a matter of personal decision, wearing one at a workplace is a must. So, if you have a professional workshop or are at a job site, it is imperative that you wear a welding jacket as per the law of the area. Not doing so may cause a violation of law and you may be penalized for the same.

Types of Materials Used in Welding jackets

Welding jackets available in the market are made of a variety of materials, the most common being

  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Rayon/Aramid
  • Carbon fiber
  • Rubber
  • Denim
  • Sateen
  • Kevlar

However, some materials like leather are better suited for protection against fire. It will also keep the cold out and hence, keep you warm during winters. Ordinary cotton isn’t usually used for making welding jackets as it can catch fire very easily. It is chemically treated to become more resistant to fire and layered with other materials to ensure that you stay protected.

Important Features That a Welding jacket Must Have

A welding jacket must be worn if you want to ensure your safety and that of your workers while welding. That being said, for a welding jacket to be suitable for your needs, it must have the following features:

Fire resistance: This is the basic and most important feature of any welding jacket. If the jacket isn’t fire resistant, it is of no use. Naturally, it is wiser going for jackets that are made of materials that have better fire resistance, like leather. Though cotton is a common choice for welding jackets, cotton can easily catch fire unless it has a smart-layer of protection. This is will prevent the fire from reaching to your skin and thus, prevent injuries. The jacket, however, will be damaged at the spot.

Heat protection: Since a lot of heat is produced during the welding process, a jacket must be able to protect you from the intense heat. Cotton does a great job at this because it is neither too thick nor too thin. So, it doesn’t the external heat to come in and keeps you cool by allowing air to pass easily.

Electric resistance: Welding involves the production of electric arcs and that is why, it would be prudent to choose a jacket that is made of materials that are highly resistant to electricity and can prevent accidents.

Durability: Welding jackets do have to undergo a lot, especially if they are used daily or frequently. That is why, a welding jacket must be highly durable, or you will have to go and buy a jacket very often. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to do that and that is why, the best welding jacket for you must be durable and long-lasting.

Ease of use: Welding requires a lot of effort and focus, and you surely wouldn’t want to wear something that causes inconvenience or diverts your attention. As such, the jacket must be easy to use, must have straps and cuffs to ensure that they are perfect fit.

Things to Consider Bore Buying a Welding jacket

As you can very well understand, a welding jacket is a very important gear for anyone into welding and you must make the correct choice. This can be easily done by considering a few simple factors that are described below:

Welding type: Welding processes are of different types and the type of welding that you are planning to do must be considered while making the choice of the welding jacket. This is because different welding processes require you to position yourself differently. Moreover, most jackets would be suitable for moderate use only. If you want to work on projects that will create a lot of heat, you must go for heavy duty welding jackets that would be able to withstand that temperature.

Material: The first and most important factor to consider is what material is the jacket made of. Welding jackets come in choices of different materials like denim, carbon fiber, leather, cotton, etc., though cotton is usually considered the best choice. This is because it is very light and comfortable for wearing during the summer months. During the winter months, however, leather is a material of choice. The most important thing that should be kept in mind while choosing the jacket is that it must be highly flame resistant so that it can protect you against the heat generated while welding and also in case you are hit by sparks and splatters. In this respect, cotton isn’t a very favorable choice though well-layered cotton jackets can protect you from fire.

Color: Believe it or not, the color of the jacket is also important. It is suggested that you go for a dull or matte color that will not reflect too much light. This way, you wouldn’t be distracted by the reflection of light produced while welding. Moreover, make sure that you choose a color that you like so that you actually like wearing your welding jacket.

Style and size: Apart from the color, the size and the style of the jacket must be considered as well. Though there isn’t any need of this consideration in regard to safety, you may as well consider it. Being comfortable while working is a must, and that is why, it is vital that you go for the right size. This will make it convenient for you to wear the jacket while welding. A nice style would surely make you more enthusiastic about wearing one.

Brand: A good number of popular brands have their own line of welding jackets. Moreover, you can find local-made welding jackets as well. However, it is recommended that you choose a jacket from a reputed brand. This will give you a better guarantee at protection.

Extended collars:  Since welding is bound to create uncontrolled splatters some time or the other, it is best to look for a jacket that comes with an extended collar. This way, there would be no chances of any sort of debris to get in.

Inner lining: The best welding jackets are usually made in a way that are the least abrasive on the skin. But it is always better to have an added layer of protection. As such, jackets that have a soft inner lining would be a much better choice.

Pockets: Though you may not initially feel the need of pockets, but once you start working on a regular basis, you will understand that pockets can make things more convenient. Jackets commonly have pockets on either side. But scribe pockets and inner pockets can add to the convenience as you will be easily able to carry things like pencils, pens, soapstones, etc.

Price: Finally, the price of the jacket is a factor to consider. Welding jackets are available in different price ranges and one should always choose a product that offers the best features at the best price. You should neither go for cheap jackets as they may not be able to provide the needed protection nor should you spend too much money on a jacket unless it provides features that are absolutely necessary to you.

Best Welding Jackets in Store for You

1.Caiman Black Boarhide Welding Jacket:

When it comes to welding apparels, you can certainly choose a pigskin leather jacket. This is exactly why Caiman Black is one of the best welding jackets that you can ever buy. Made out of pigskin leather, this jacket is really flexible and comfortable to use as well. Normally you will see the jackets are made of cowhide, but due to the fact that this jacket is made of pigskin, its lot lighter and it makes your movement a lot easier while you are working. The underarms and the back part is vented on purpose, so as to give you a cool and comfortable time. The jacket also has an inside pocket that you can use to carry your important things. The durability and strength of this jacket is just amazing and you might not find a better jacket than this. Overall this is really a light weight, cool welding jacket to own while you are welding.


  • Size available is large
  • The pigskin leather used in the product is of high quality
  • Weight is really very less compared to those made out of cowhide
  • It can protect you from heat
  • Being made with pigskin this leather jacket is quite light in weight; at least 15% lighter than other jackets.
  • Comes with an inside pocket, large enough to hold your required items.
  • Pretty much comfortable to work with.
  • One of the best durable jackets that you can buy.
  • Durable in nature.
  • Comes with maximum protection level.
  • High price range.
  • Comes with a tight collar as well.

2. Lincoln Electric Brown Flame-Resistant Welding Jacket:

This particular flame-resistant welding jacket from Lincoln can be termed as one of the best heavy duty welding jackets that you will ever see. This jacket is made of leather and it works really well to protect your torso and arms from the heat and spatter generated from the welding machines. This jacket is indeed durable and can protect you in any weather condition. It comes with a zipper along with lined flap that gives you an additional protection from the spatter. It also has an interior pocket that can protect your personal belongings. Overall this is a great welding jacket to own for those working as a professional welder.


  • Especially made for protecting your torso and arms from the heat and spatter generated while welding
  • The jacket is made out of flame-resistant leather, which is quite durable and is good enough to protect you in any weather condition.
  • Comes with a flip-up collar that protects your neck completely
  • Seams are stitched with triple needle so that it does not fray.
  • Comes with a lined flap along with snaps so as to increase your protection


  • One of the best Flame-resistant leather jacket
  • Quite sturdy, durable, can be used in any weather condition
  • Front closure zipper has a snap system that gives an extra level of protection.
  • It has big inside pockets as well which can be useful to keep some personal items


  • Being made of leather, it is fire resistant indeed but the weight of this jacket is quite heavy too. Working while having this jacket might be a bit difficult at times.
  • The leather used to make this type of jacket is dyed. That means if you are working in front of constant heat, the dye will eventually come off and the sparks will leave a burnt mark on your jacket in no time at all.

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3. BSX Flame-Resistant Welding Jacket – Black:

BSX is one of the best welding jacket manufacturers and with newest of the innovation, better look, better fitting, this is one of the comfortable welding jackets that you can ever get. This welding jacket is made of cotton and is flame resistant in nature. This jacket comes with an extended length front and welder’s collar as well. It also has adjustable waist strap, inside pockets, and dual scribe. According to the welding jacket reviews this is really an efficient jacket. Although this jacket might not of professional grade and you might not be able to use this on daily basis, but for DIY works and personal projects, you can certainly use this welding jacket.


  • Flame resistant
  • Made of FR cotton
  • Welder’s collar can protect you from sparks
  • Extended length gives you an extra protection
  • Comes with dual scribe and inside pockets
  • You can adjust your waist and cuff strap


  • This welding jacket is particularly thick.
  • It can protect your arms and cloths from getting burnt
  • Being thick in nature, this welding jacket keeps you warm as well, so if you are working in a cold condition, this will be a perfect jacket for you.
  • The welding jacket comes with waist and cuff straps; you can adjust both of them to have a comfortable fitting.


  • Being thick, this jacket might be a great choice to have during the winter season, but during the summer time, it will be become very difficult to continue working for long hours while using the jacket. Being thick in nature, it might be protective, but it can cause a little bit problems as well.
  • Since this welding jacket is made out of cotton, it can get burnt a lot quicker than any other welding jacket.

4. Revco Black Stallion Welding Jacket:

Black Stallion from Revco is made cowhide leather. It’s lightweight, comfortable and can be used for many applications. Since this welding jacket is built for professional people, it can easily withstand high level of heat and sparks that is pretty much common in industrial fields. This welding jacket comes with reinforced snap buttons that make sure you are always safe from injuries and is perfect to protect you from the heat and sparks generated while working on a welding. The shoulders and arms are satin-lined and thus allow you a lot of comfort and they are flame resistant too. The jacket comes with an inside pocket and a scribe along with waist strap, wrist snap etc. Overall this jacket is one of the best welding jackets that you can get compared to the other market products.


  • It’s a 30” welding jacket
  • The leather used in this jacket is split cowhide
  • Comes with adjustable stand-up collar which can protect your neck
  • The arms and shoulders are satin-lined for comfort and better protection
  • Comes with inside pocket, scribe, wrist snaps, waist straps
  • Stitching is done with Kevlar which is flame resistant


  • It’s a great for fitting
  • It’s comfortable wearing the jacket even if you are working for hours
  • No burns even if you are welding vertically or overhead
  • Totally reliable jacket for professional welders, with perfect style, comfortable fit and cool looks
  • 100% user satisfaction in terms of quality and protection
  • It can be perfect for professional as well as occasional welders.


  • So far there hasn’t been any major negative points marked out by the users but the only issue found is with the size of the jacket.

5. Miller Electric 2241909 Welding Jacket:

Miller has one of the best and well known manufacturers of protective equipments. According to welding jacket reviews the best part of their welding jackets is that, it’s the cheapest that you can get. This particular jacket from Miller is made from leather. The jacket also uses a cotton part, but that’s fireproof. It comes with some inner pockets. These pockets can be used to carry different items that you might require while working. The jacket is really easy to wear and remove and it gives you full protection from welding heat and sparks as well.


  • Best welding jacket to use during the summer
  • Comes with stand-up-collar that provides your neck and extra level of protection
  • The chest size of 50” and length is 30”.
  • Comes with inside pocket for carry required items
  • Quite affordable and the best protection at the price range
  • This jacket is very much light as the cotton to nylon ratio is 88:12; this makes the jacket pretty much comfortable and durable too.
  • Pretty much best fit to use during the summer time


  • Best price for the amount of protection you get.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear even during the summer time
  • Perfect for DIY practitioners


  • Not meant to be used by professionals for heavy duty work
  • If the spatter is heavy, you may feel the sting.

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6. West Chester IRONCAT 7005 Welding Jacket:

IRONCAT 7005 from west Chester is another of those jackets that is specially made for welding purposes. This jacket is specially made for heavy duty work where you need to work all the time with molding metals and hot flames. Leather material used is heat resistant, stitching done with the Kevlar thread, designed to fit the gas welders and a perfect fit for those who wishes to stay safe and cool while working on a welding project.


  • The leather used is specially tanned for being heat resistant
  • Can protect you from spatter and sparks as well
  • Ideally you can use this jacket if you are working in a shipyard, automotive, steel mill, manufacturing department or gas welding.
  • Comes with anodized snaps that can prevent any flashback
  • Additional layer of leather for better protection
  • For stitching Kevlar thread is used so as to increase durability and strength.
  • Comes with additional pockets on heap and sleeves
  • Adjustable wrist for secure and comfortable fit


  • The leather is perfect to protect you from any short of flame or heat
  • The stitching material being Kevlar, ensures durability
  • Comes with outside pockets on sleeves and heaps for better efficiency


  • Somewhat heavy if you compare to the other leather jackets

7. Lincoln Electric Leather Welding Jacket:

If you are a welder by profession, then you already know Lincoln is one of the best welding gear manufacturers. In case you are looking for a quality welding jacket from Lincoln then you can certainly choose this K2989 welding jacket. When it comes to protection from welding machines, you may not get many to match the strength and protection level of this jacket. Being made of cowhide leather, it protects you while at the work and the Velcro collar and lined flap at the behind ensure that your protection level is always high. Once you buy this jacket, you can rest assured that you are completely protected. According to the welding jacket reviews this product offers you value for money and certainly more than what you expect.


  • While working with welding machines, the main protection you need is from the heat, spatter and the sparks. With the cowhide leather on side and front, this jacket offers you full protection.
  • It’s quite sturdy in nature and durable too and can be used in almost any weather condition.
  • The sleeves come with 2 part armpit that enhances the arm movements compared to the other welding jackets.
  • The jacket back comes with red cotton that is Flame retardant in nature and can allow airflow all the time so that you stay cool even if you are working for long hours.
  • The front line is well protected with the 3 layers of Velcro, fabric and leather.
  • Comes with a leather collar to protect your neck from any spatter, spark or arc rays
  • Comes with adjustable cuffs to minimize burn from heat, spatter or spark while working
  • Has an inside pocket that you can use to store important items.
  • You can use this jacket for long time even if you are a professional welder.


  • Durable in nature
  • Quality leather jacket for full protection
  • Extra protection for neck and front


  • Being made out of cowhide leather, it’s somewhat heavy

8. Steiner 1260-L Welding Jacket:

Steiner is another well known company for manufacturing welding products at an affordable price. Their quality products can offer you ultimate level of safety for your welding work and Steiner 1260 is not an exception at all. This jacket is quite light in nature and is durable and cost effective too. The sleeves of this jacket are made out of cowhide leather. It ensures that you work with a lightweight, efficient welding jacket which is comfortable too. The cotton used in this jacket is light weight too and adds to the durability of the product. The cotton body and the cowhide leather used in the sleeves are really good in protecting you from the flame and heat and the sparkles. Overall this jacket is designed to help you get the maximum security and safety at the work place, so if you are a professional welder, then this is the jacket that you must be looking for.


  • The jacket sleeves are of made of cowhide leather.
  • Comes with a wrist closure and snap front for better safety
  • Relaxed design and fitting
  • Has an inside pocket to help you keep necessary items
  • The snap is leather reinforced.


  • Very much light in weight
  • Quite durable
  • Sleeves are of leather which enhances the protection
  • The cotton used is completely flame resistance


  • Does not come with linings on sleeves

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9. Hobart 770568 Welding Jacket:

The 770568 welding jacket from Hobart is designed to be classic in style. It comes with cuffs and snap buttons and is quite light in nature. It’s made of 100% cotton and yet it’s really light weighted compared to the other jackets that you can buy. In other words, it’s not at all stiff and is super comfortable. Although it’s designed to fit the occasional welders it can actually work fine for professional welders as well.  All said and done, make sure to wash the jacket before you use it, just to make sure you do not carry a weird smell of chemical while working.


  • The material used is cotton that is smooth and is flame retardant as well
  • Cowhide leather is another material that is used in this jacket which makes it a lot durable.
  • The size available is 2XL
  • Comes with long sleeves that can be really good for protection to your arms


  • The cowhide leather provides you full protection from metal splatters, sparks, and of course from the hot flames.
  • Heavy duty thread is used for the stitching so as to make it a lot more durable
  • Comes with reinforced snaps for better protection


  • The leather might cause a bit of difficulty during the summer

10. Jacket, Black, Pigskin Leather:

This particular welding jacket is really good looking and fits well. It is really easy to put on or take off the jacket as and when required. This particular jacket is made of pigskin leather and it can deliver smooth and efficient protection level. Also due to the use of pigskin leather, this jacket is quite durable as well. Comes with flame resistant cuff and a collar as well and you can use this jacket comfortably for long time. According to welding jacket reviews the price of this jacket is quite affordable.


  • Made of pigskin leather
  • Snap buttons are closure type.
  • You can fold the cuffs as and when you require.
  • The cuff is flame resistant which makes it more secure than ever.


  • Durable in nature
  • Quite light in weight
  • Premium quality pigskin leather is used in the jacket.
  • Flame resistant collar and cuff makes you a lot safer
  • Nice jacket to weld overhead areas


  • The belongings in your inside pocket might get burnt while working with the welding machine

Why Should You Care for Your Welding jacket?

Like any other clothing item, welding jackets need to be cared for as well. You may argue about why it would be necessary to clean and maintain a jacket that’s bound to get dirty the moment you use it again. Well, it is indeed true that there is no need to have your jacket spotlessly cleaned, but that doesn’t mean that you will never ever clean it. Your welding jacket is bound to gather dirt and grime every time you use it and this can make the jacket stiff over the time. Stiff jackets are uncomfortable to wear while working. That is why, regular cleaning of your jacket is a must.

Moreover, as you keep using the jacket, it gradually wears down and loses its features gradually. The better you take care of it, the longer will it last. That being said, even the best welding jacket cannot last you a life time, but maintaining it can sure enhance its lifespan.

FAQs about Welding Jackets:

Before you settle on a particular jacket, here is more information that will help you decide the best welding jacket for yourself.

Can Welding Jackets be Machine Washed?

Ans: If you buy cotton one, then you can surely machine-wash it. But for leather jackets, this is a strict no.

Can you Buy Welding Chaps Instead of Welding Jackets?

Ans: Ideally, no! Jackets are meant for the protection of your upper body while chaps are meant for lower body protection. Try to buy both if you can.

How Long will the Welding Jackets Last?

Ans: This usually depends on your use and the quality of the jacket. Welding jackets generally last 2 – 5 depending on use. But if you use it only occasionally, they tend to have a lifespan of 10 or more years.


Welding jackets are a must-have for any welder, whether that be a hobbyist or a professional. However, the right choice of the welding jacket is very important if you want to ensure that it serves you the best. The information given above and the products listed will help make your decision easy.